Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Strengthening social and cultural inclusion of vulnerable groups
Project start date 01.06.2021
Project end date 31.01.2023
Project total budget EUR 231.937,67
Project EU funding EUR1971.47,02
Description Overall objective: To contribute to economic, social and territorial development by increasing access to social and cultural services aimed at vulnerable youth from Sandzak cross-border area
Specific objective: Fostering employability and social inclusion of the vulnerable youth in cross-border Sandzak area by increasing their employment competencies and networking with SMEs through piloting innovative youth employability one-stop-shop model.
Project activities:
A1.1. Conducting the mapping study on the local needs in the cross-border Sandzak area;
A1.2. Developing one-stop-shop service based on cross-sector cooperation and the Mapping study data;
A1.3. Evaluation of the service and creating recommendation for future implementation and sustainability
A1.4. Organization of cross-border Round table in Montenegro aimed at promotion of the model and advocacy for its recognition by the local government in Serbia and Montenegro.
A2.1. Recruitment of the vulnerable youth in Sandzak area through youth work info campaigns
A2.2. Implementation of the educational courses: A) Soft skills; B) IT technical skills; C) Entrepreneurship in IT) both in Novi Pazar and Bijelo Polje
A3.1. Recruitment of mentors from IT business sector, SMEs representatives, marketing experts
A3.2. Research of local needs and networking with local SMEs by educated young people
A3.3. Developing business ideas by young people with 3 months mentorship support of recruited pool of mentors
A4.1. Organization of cross-border event “Elevator Pitch” in Serbia aimed for promotion of successful business practices and competition for the best youth business ideas;
A4.2. 2 months mentorship support for up to 6 selected best youth business ideas in IT sector
Expected results 1. Service responding to local needs of youth employability is developed, evaluated and recognized as model of good practice by the local self-governments in Sandzak cross-border area;
2. 2.50 vulnerable youth from Sandzak cross-border area gained IT, entrepreneurial and transferable competencies;

3. Developed up to 20 IT business ideas stimulates 50 young people employability and development of SMEs in cross-border Sandzak area;

4. 20 IT business ideas developed by youth with mentorship support are promoted and 6 are selected for further development.

Expected outputs  N\A
Lead partner Institution name:Centre for Youth Work
Country: Serbia
Address:Novi Sad, Narodnog fronta 35 / 28
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name:Forum MNE
Address:Podgorica , Ulica Bratstva i jedinstva 4
Legal status:Private
Partner Institution name:Youth Office Novi Pazar
Address:Novi Pazar , Mitrovačka bb
Legal status:Public
Partner Institution name:Citizen Initiative for Youth Rozaje
Address:Rožaje, 13. Jula bb
Legal status:Private