CBC Programme Albania-Kosovo

Number and title of the programme result Indicators
1.1.1 Environmental resources in the programme area are better managed and promoted 2.1
2.1.1 The quality of tourism services and products is improved to become more competitive 3.1
2.1.2 Cultural, historical and natural heritage is better preserved and promoted 3.2
3.1.1 The access to employment, education, and skills for young people is improved 1.1
3.1.2 Youth networking and exchanges are enhanced 4.1

CBC Programme Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro

Number and title of the programme result Indicators
1.1.1 Advisory support to and skills of the employment seeking population in the cross border area are advanced 1.1
1.2.1 Opportunities for creation of new jobs for vulnerable groups and their employability are increased 1.1
2.1.1a The capacity to enforce environmental and energy efficiency standards at local level for water supply, solid waste and wastewater management is strengthened 2.1
2.1.1b Public awareness of the merits of complying with EU water supply, solid waste and wastewater management, and environment protection practices is increased 2.1
2.2.1 The capacity of emergency services for risk prevention and mitigation and adaptation measures to deal with consequences of climate change disasters is strengthened 2.2
3.1.1a The number of tourists in rural and natural protected areas are increased 3.1
3.1.1b The image and tourist attractiveness of the cross-border region as a multi-ethnic and culturally diverse European destination is improved 3.2

CBC Programme Kosovo-North Macedonia

Number and title of the programme result Indicators
1.1.1 Employment opportunities enhanced among young and marginalised groups 1.1
1.1.2 Opportunities to intensify cross-border trade are grasped, while upgrading services for access to regional and international markets 5.2
2.1.1 New tourism opportunities exploited and tourism sector capacities increased 3.1
2.1.2 Tourism products’ and services’ quality improved 3.1
2.1.3 The identity of the programme area is strengthened through the enhancement of cultural and natural heritage values 3.2
3.1.1 Future interventions to address environmental pollution are well coordinated and harmonised 2.1
3.1.2 The management of solid waste and wastewater as well as sewage systems is improved 2.1

CBC Programme Montenegro-Albania

Number and title of the programme result Indicators
1.1 The quality of tourism services and products is upgraded 3.1
1.2 Cooperation in the field of cultural and natural heritage preservation is increased (e.g. around the Shkodra/Skadar Lake area) 3.2
2.1 Awareness of the sustainable use of environmental resources in lake and alpine areas is advanced 2.1, 2.2
3.1 Access to the labour market improved,  especially for vulnerable groups 1.1

CBC Programme Montenegro-Kosovo

Number and title of the programme result Indicators
1.1.1 More people are looking for a job as a result of the programme actions 1.1
1.1.2 More unemployed people,  including students that finished the school, succeed in finding a job 1.1
1.1.3 The employability of students still attending school is improved 1.1
1.1.4 More people decide to start their own business 1.1
1.2.1 Increased participation of socially vulnerable groups in sportive and cultural life 1.2
1.2.2 Increased participation of socially vulnerable groups in education 1.2
1.2.3 Health of socially vulnerable groups improved 1.2
2.1.1 Air, water and soil pollution has been reduced 2.1
3.1.1 More people become entrepreneur in tourism 3.1
3.1.2 The hotel industry services enhanced 3.1
3.1.3 Sites and buildings with a cultural and natural value  conserved, revitalised  and open to public 3.2
3.1.4 The offer of active tourism services improved 3.1

CBC Programme North Macedonia-Albania

Number and title of the programme result Indicators
1.1.1 Business opportunities for local service providers and operators in the field of tourism are increased 3.1
1.1.2 Mutual co-operation, understanding and respect of cultural heritage and values are furthered 3.2
2.1.1 The SMEs and start-ups awareness and capacity to tap into new markets and value chains are enhanced 5.1
3.1.1 Awareness and knowledge of sustainable use of natural resources and environment is fostered 2.1
3.1.2 Public infrastructure vulnerable to floods, soil erosion and wildfire is upgraded 2.2

CBC Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina

Number and title of the programme result Indicators
1.1.1 New products and services, as well as industrial and commercial processes, thanks to transfer of knowledge and innovativeness, result in new sustainable employment opportunities in the cross-border area 1.1
1.1.2 Increased competitiveness in the commercialisation of products and services by a common use of resources in strategic sectors (e.g. wood manufacturing, food processing and metal works) 1.1
1.1.3 Unemployed persons obtained new practical skills in real working environments, based on the labour market demand and similarities at both sides of the border 1.1
1.2.1 New sustainable social and health services are developed and/or the existing ones are upgraded by cross-border exchange, cooperation and synergies, increasing the efficiency in service delivery and the number of services’ beneficiaries 1.2
1.2.2 The employability and entrepreneurship abilities of vulnerable groups are improved through joint cross-border efforts including the promotion of sustainable social entrepreneurship 1.1
1.2.3 Sustainable perspectives for social integration of vulnerable groups are created through joint initiatives at both sides of the border 1.2
2.1.1 The effectiveness of public services and practices in relation to solid waste and wastewater management are enhanced through joint initiatives at both sides of the border 2.1
2.1.2 The protection of the Drina and Sava river catchment areas and the promotion of their biodiversity is fostered 2.1
2.2.1 The capacity for preparedness, prevention and response of all organisations/institutions  in the protection and rescue system in the cross-border area are strengthened on long term 2.2
3.1.1 The offer and quality of tourism products and services is furthered based on joint efforts and initiatives 3.1
3.1.2 New sustainable employment and business opportunities in the tourism sector opened by joint cross-border efforts 3.1
3.2.1 Sustainable cultural and sport exchanges across the border are fostered 3.2
3.2.2 The historical and natural heritage and traditions of the cross-border area are better preserved 3.2

CBC Programme Serbia-Bosnia and Herzegovina

Number and title of the programme result Indicators
1.1.1 Improved knowledge, skills and competence, and work experience of unemployed and employed persons to better adjust to the needs of the labor market and to exploit the employment potential in perspective sectors 1.1
1.2.1 Increased access to social and cultural services for vulnerable/excluded groups 1.2
2.1.1 Improved capacities of the municipalities and public utility companies for effective and efficient waste management and wastewater treatment 2.1
2.2.1 Better awareness of the inhabitants and industry on the importance of preserving the environment and nature 2.1
2.2.2 Increased capacities for joint management of nature resources 2.1
2.2.3 Improved level of emergency preparedness and joint risk management 2.2
3.1.1 Joint tourist products enhanced 3.1
3.1.2 Complementary products and services developed 3.1

CBC Programme Serbia-North Macedonia

Number and title of the programme result Indicators
1.1.1 Employability of the working age population in the cross-border area raised 1.1
1.1.2 Organisational capacities to activate cross-border employment potentials strengthened 1.1
1.2.1 Capacities for social and cultural inclusion of disadvantaged groups improved 1.2
2.1.1: Development of sustainable CB tourist products and destinations initiated 3.1
2.1.2: Quality and visibility of tourist offers improved 3.1
2.2.1: Capacities for cross-border risk management and intervention increased 2.2