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Programme website Montenegro – Kosovo*
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Improve the wastewater and solid waste management and sustainable use of resources
Project start date 8-11-2018
Project end date 8-04-2021
Project total budget EUR 350.950,37
Project EU funding EUR 298.307,81
Description Overall objective: Empower Communities and municipalities to become more engaged in environmental protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation, risk prevention and waste management.

Specific objective: Improve the wastewater and solid waste management and sustainable use of resources.

The foreseen activities within the project are:
1. Creation of the Steering Group (SG) and project offices in both partner municipalities)
2. Activities to facilitate dialogue between citizens, municipal authorities, CSOs, and public companies
3. Mapping, cleaning, and monitoring illegal landfills
4. Educational workshops
5. Infrastructure improvements at waste transfer stations in Kosovo and Montenegro.
6. Occupational and safety training for waste management employees
7. Regional cross-border exchange visits between Kosovo and Montenegro
8. Round tables regarding topics related to the sustainable waste management
9. Public awareness and promotional campaign.

Expected results R1: Dialogue established and an increased awareness on the risk of illegal waste between residents, official and youth; comprehensive map of illegal landfills that will be cleaned up and monitored, expanded green spaces.
R2: Infrastructure improvements at waste transfer stations; improved training and safety precautions for employees, including the sharing of best practice, illegal waste removed.
R3: Residents will have increased understanding of the risk of illegal waste, how to participate in local waste collection system, and how to report violators; increase in knowledge of best practices by local authorities and public companies.
Expected outputs • Project headquarter and offices established;
• Steering Group created with 6 members (equal representation from KS and MNE);
• 2 members of the Project team engaged within SG;
• 2 representatives from partner municipalities engaged within SG;
• 2 representatives from waste management companies engaged within SG;
• Two public meetings for presentation of the project in Gjakova/Djakovica (KS) and Petnjica (MNE) with partners, stakeholders, CSOs, and other groups active in waste management and environmental protection;
• 2 kick-off events organized in Gjakova and Petnjica;
• 4 Focus Groups meetings organized, at least 20 participants per Focus Group, in total at least 80 of participants in Focus Groups meetings. At least 30% of members of Focus Groups will be women;
• 1500 Handbooks produced (500 in Albanian, 500 in Montenegrin and 500 in English);
• 1 press conference for presentation of the handbook will be organized;
• 2 purchased project vehicle;
• 10 illegal landfills identified, mapped, cleaned and disinfected in both municipalities;
• 400 of volunteers participated in 10 clean-up actions;
• Two maps of the illegal landfills, one for each municipality;
• 10 information tables installed;
• 10 waste containers placed;
• at least 100 planted trees;
• 4 educational workshops organized;
• 15 participants per workshop, in total 60 participants, at least 30% of participants will be women;
• Drafted criteria for contest for clean and green local community within municipality;
• Organization of 2 municipal contests for clean and green local community within municipality (1 in Gjakova and 1 in Petnjica);
• 200 tree seedlings awarded to winners (100 for Gjakova and 100 for Petnjica);
• 2 waste transfer facilities fenced and lighted in existing waste transfer station facility in both municipalities;
• 2 purchased and installed set of surveillance cameras;
• 1 scale-weighting machine repaired in Gjakova waste transfer station;
• 1 scale-weighting machine installed in Petnjica transfer station;
• 2 installed multifunctional set of equipment/devices for air quality measurement;
• 2 transfer station facilities construction for waste separation;
• 2 expanded green areas in and around waste transfer station facilities;
• 2 capacity building activities organized in Gjakova and Petnjica municipality;
• 5 representatives from waste transfer station personnel in Gjakova municipality participated in training
• 5 representatives from waste transfer station personnel in Petnjica municipality participated in training
• 35 working clothes provided for personnel for self-health and safety protection in Gjakova and Petnjica municipality;
• 2 experience visits with workshops for students, one in each country;
• 10 students per experience visit, 20 in total;
• 2 joint visits of municipal representatives, public companies and CSO representatives of Gjakova to Petnjica, one in each country;
• 10 representatives per joint visit, 20 in total;
• 4 round tables regarding topics related to the sustainable waste management (2 in MNE 2 in Kos), 15 participants per round table, in total 30 participants;
• 2 awareness raising campaigns through local media and national media in both countries, ;
• 2 municipal websites involved;
• 4 social media profiles involved;
• 1000 brochures (all three languages);
• 1000 flayers (all three languages);
• 600 sets (t-shirts, caps, backpacks, pens, key-chains), in all three languages,
• 2 free call lines, one in each municipality, available for citizens to call
• Municipal Environmental Inspection and Waste Management Public Companies to share information
• and inform about illegal waste deposits;
• 1 project web page an interactive portal “Citizen – Inspector”, (in all three languages),
• 1 Final press conference about importance and results of the Project will be organized in the end.
Lead partner Institution name: Municipality of Gjakova/Đakovica
Country: Kosovo*
Address: Nënë Tereza, nr.469, Gjakova/Đakovica
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Municipality of Petnjica
Country: Montenegro
Address: Petnjica nn
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Let`s do it Peja
Country: Kosovo*
Address: Nuredin Basha nn, Yout center, Pejë/Peć
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Center for Regional Development
Country: Montenegro
Address: Marsala Tita, Rožaje
Legal status: Private
*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence