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Programme website Montenegro – Kosovo*
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Improve the volume, quality and visibility of tourism related to valorization of cultural and natural heritage and values
Project start date 6/8/2020
Project end date 6/8/2022
Project total budget EUR 462.036,70
Project EU funding EUR 392.731,20
Description Overall objective: Improve the volume, quality and visibility of tourism related to valorization of cultural and natural heritage and values.
Specific objective: Develop culture and nature oriented tourism offer in mountain areas currently lacking tourism traffic.
1.1 Adaptation and equipping of former mountaineer hut in Krivi do;
1.2 Creation of Mountain center in Bjeshket Belegut;
1.3 Establishment of managing bodies of both hubs;
2.1 Development of network of trails to connect two hubs with other important trails in vicinity;
2.2. Development of thematic trails around the hubs;
2.3 Development of services with mountain population in vicinity of the hubs;
3.1 Development promotional tools for the two hubs – web pages to present the offer and services of the two hubs, printed promotional materials, video materials;
3.2 Creation of at least 4 packages that include both Montenegro and Kosovo hubs;
3.3 Direct linking with at least 6 relevant tourism agencies to offer developed packages and fine-tune them to the needs of the agencies.
Expected results Results:
1. Tourism hubs created in both Montenegro and Kosovo
2. Summer and winter tourism products and services developed
3. New zones jointly promoted and marketed
Expected outputs One mountain lodge refurbished and fully operational;
One mountain lodge constructed, equipped and fully operational;
2 management plans created, study trip conducted, 2 agreements signed;
At least 200km of new trails for hiking, biking, snowshoeing and cross country skiing developed;
At least 4 thematic trails developed, at least 60 families interviewed;
At least 30 families engaged in tourism services, at least 20 families assisted with necessary equipment for tourism services, at least 50 families trained in provision of tourism services, at least 30 families mentored, organization of 2 events to test the quality of developed services;
2 web portals created, 4000 brochures printed, 4000 flyers printed, 4 social media pages created;
4 cross-border packages developed;
6 tourism agencies offering products and services from the two hubs.
Lead partner Institution name: Municipality of Andrijevica
Country: Montenegro
Address: Branka Deletica bb, Andrijevica
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Municipality of Deçan/Dečan
Country: Kosovo*
Address: Jashar Salihaj 3, Deçan/Dečan
Website: N/A
Legal status: Public
*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence