Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Improving sustainable environmental planning and promotion of biodiversity
Project start date 7/7/2019
Project end date 6/7/2021
Project total budget EUR 926,451.80
Project EU funding EUR 787,484.03
Description Overall objective: To contribute to improvement of the quality of life of the population in cross border region by strengthening the solid waste management system
Result 1.1 The quantity of solid waste disposed at landfills in cross border region reduced
Result 1.2 Human and physical capacities of PUC’s for waste collection, primary separation, transportation and recycling in the cross-border region improved
Result  2.1 General population in the cross-border region informed and aware about best practices on solid waste management in the cross-border regionActivity 0.1.1.: Project quality and financial management and monitoring
Activity 0.1.2.: Partner/Steering committee meetings
Activity 1.1.1: Purchasing of waste collection equipment for primary separation, waste collection and transportation vehicles (household waste bins, above the ground recycling containers, tanker trucks, Greifer trucks, specialized waste collector truck)
Activity 1.2.1: Upgrading of physical facilities for solid waste management through construction and reconstruction of technical water wells
Activity 1.2.2: Installation of the above the ground containers and distribution of households’ bins for wet and dry separation
Activity 1.2.3: Capacity building of both PUC’s in the field of solid waste collection, separation, management and recycling
Activity 2.1.1: A survey on citizens’ interest on the usage of bins for the separation of wet and dry waste fractions
Activity 2.1.2: Capacity building of citizens on waste separation and recycling
Activity 2.1.3: Design of the promotion and communication plan
Activity 2.1.4: Preparation, distribution of project promotional material and implementation of promotional campaign (including social media campaigns)
Expected results 1. Established institutional infrastructure for monitoring and protection of natural heritage in the cross-border area
2. Human capacities are strengthened
3. Established regional monitoring system for nature protection
4. Increased awareness of environmental protection
Expected outputs Wells for technical water reconstructed in Sarajevo
New equipment for primary separation and transportation purchased (3 trucks and 20 bell containers) in Sarajevo
1 recycling line upgraded in Valjevo
2000 recycling bins for primary separation purchased and installed in Valjevo
Lead partner Institution name: Public Utility Company “RAD” Sarajevo
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address: Paromlinska 57, 71000 Sarajevo
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Utility Company “Vidrak” Valjevo
Country: Serbia
Address: Vojvode Mišića 50, 14000 Valjevo
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Danube Competence Centre Belgrade
Country: Serbia
Address: Čika Ljubina 8/I, 11070 Beograd
Legal status: Public