Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – North Macedonia
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Mobilising cultural and natural resources for joint development of sustainable tourism products and destinations
Project start date 01.03.2023.
Project end date 31.05.2024.
Project total budget EUR232.372.58
Project EU funding EUR1975.16.69
Description Overall objective: Mobilising cultural and natural resources for joint development of sustainable tourism products and destinations
Specific objective: Development of sustainable cross-border tourist products and destinations initiated
Main activities:
Activity 1.1.1 Establishment and equipping of students hostels
Activity 1.1.2 Equipping of the school tourist company and procurement of equipment for performing tourist activities
Activity 1.1.3 Development of a new tourist product – tourist program for young people
Activity 1.2.1 Training of professors and young people aged 15 – 24 – strengthening professional competencies for working in the tourism market
Activity 1.2.2 Realisation of cross-border tourist visits to Leskovac (Vučje) and Kratovo
Activity 1.3.1 Development of a brand strategy for Leskovac (Vučje) and Kratovo
Activity 1.4.1 Development of the “Outdoor Tourist Guide” application for smart devices
Activity 1.4.2 Developing of a tourist digital portal
Activity 1.4.3 Development and production of promotion materials
Expected results ‘1.1. Increased capacity of accommodation and tools for performing tourist activities and education of young people
1.2. Increased the professional competencies of young people and professor for performing tourism activities
1.3. Developed a brand strategy that increases the recognisability of the destination in context of youth tourism
1.4. Raised awareness of the importance of youth tourism inclusion in both areas
Expected outputs N\A
Lead partner Institution name:Secondary school Svetozar Krstić – Toza
Country: Serbia
Address:Leskovac (Vučje),29. Novembar No.10
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name:Secondary school Mitko Pendžukliski
Country:North Macedonia
Address:Kratovo , Mihailo Apostoloski No.10
Website: N\A
Legal status:Public
Partner Institution name:Associate Limitless
Address:Beograd , Brodarska No. 70
Legal status:Private