Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Protection of nature resources
Project start date 08.06.2019
Project end date 07.05.2021
Project total budget EUR 221.701,83
Project EU funding EUR 188.446
Description Overall objective: To contribute to the protection of natural resources through pollution reduction, sustainable renewable energy usage and greenhouse gases emission reduction
Specific objective: The local communities in the project area have built up technical capacities and have improved knowledge efficiently using local renewable sources and increasing energy efficiency as measures for reducing climate changes.

Project activities:
1.1 Installation and introduction of solar system for electricity producing in PEC “Toplana” Kraljevo;
1.2 Improvement technical and human capacities of PE “Grijanje” Pljevlja for quick malfunction locating and immediate intervention in heating energy distribution;
1.3 Development a model for establishing a heat energy payment system according to consumption;
1.4 Organisation two day workshop “Energy efficiency and using solar energy for reduction negative impact on the climate changes;
2.1 Installation renewable heating energy systems in two schools in the project area;
2.2 Installation a small photovoltaic system for solar electric energy producing in 4 schools in the project area;
2.3 Establishing four “Green school cabinet” for renewable energy using;
2.4 Development environmental education curriculum programme about renewable energy using, climate changes and environment;
3.1 Preparation, printing and distribution publications about renewable energy using, role of local communities in climate changes and project promotion;
3.2 Promotion good practice;
3.3 Organisation closing conference “The way to better energy efficiency and greater use of renewable energy sources;
3.4 Preparation, recording and distribution of short prom movie about renewable energy using, role of local communities in climate changes and project promotion.

Expected results Results:
R1. Introduced innovative solutions concerning remote heating systems at the local level, with the goal of reducing climate change.
R2. Developed a model for establishing a system of paying for heat energy according to energy consumption, as a basis for more economical energy spending.
R3. Defined regional cross-border priorities in reducing greenhouse gases emission, through energy efficiency and renewable energy sources utilization.
R4. Realization of 4 prototype projects in the field of using renewable energy sources in educational institutions;
R5. Established regional educational programme for pupils and students about climate changes;
R6. Key actors of local self-governments in the cross-border area, as well as the general public, have received new knowledge on renewable energy sources and climate change.
Expected outputs  N/A
Lead partner Institution name:Ibar Development Association IDA Kraljevo
Country: Serbia
Address:Kraljevo, Hajduk Veljkova 1/1/4
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name:Grijanje Ltd, Pljevlja
Country: Montenegro
Address:Pljevlja , Kralja Petra Prvog bb
Website: N/A
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Public Energy Company Toplana Kraljevo
Country: Serbia
Legal status: Public
Lead partner Institution name:NGO Centar ekoloških inicijativa, Berane
Country: Montenegro
Address:Berane 29 Novembar 18/A
Legal status: Private