Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Improving capacities for exploiting tourism potentials of the programme area
Project start date 01.04.2021
Project end date 30.06.2023
Project total budget EUR410.430,38
Project EU funding EUR336.552,91
Description Overall objective: To contribute to the improvement of capacities for exploiting tourism potential through joint integration, realization and development of religious tourism potentials and improving the institutional and human capacities of the cross border area
Specific objective: To contribute to creating joint cross border religious tourism product through new elements: tourism infrastructure, promotion, people network, skills and knowledge

Project activities:
1.1 Adaptation and equipping of historic villa in Nikšić city core for the purpose of pilgrimage/cultural centre
1.2 Construction and equipping of visitor centre in Priboj Banja complex
1.3. Developing and creating souvenirs collection reflecting religious tourism potentials of target area
1.4 Conducting one joint cross-border conference related to challenges in contemporary religious tourism in target area
1.5 Developing of itinerary for the improved joint cross-border religious tourism tour
1.6 Creating and distributing a handbook on religious tourism.
2.1 Conducting one joint capacity building cross-border seminar in presentation of cultural, historic and religious heritage
2.2 Conducting one joint capacity building cross-border hospitality training
2.3 Licencing 3 tourist guides as a qualified tourism workers
2.4 Conducting two cross-border study visits
3.1 Presentation of joint cross-border religious tourist product on regional tourism fairs
3.2 Organizing 2 promo tours of the improved joint cross-border religious tourism tour itinerary
3.3 Creation and publication of promotional videos
3.4 Staging press conferences
3.5 Creation and distribution of promo material

Expected results 1. Conditions for sustained operation of one joint religious tourism product of the cross – border area created through the new tourist infrastructure and superstructure, better informing of the tourists, high level of service and better promotion of joint tourism product and higher visibility of the area.
2. Enhanced human capacity and established institutional cross-border cooperation between partners in the religious tourism sector
3. Improved joint religious tourism offer successfully promoted
Expected outputs N\A
Lead partner Institution name:Tourist organization of Priboj
Country: Serbia
Address:Priboj ,Boška Buhe 1
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name:Manastir Đurđevi stupovi bb
Address:Manastir Đurđevi stupovi bb
Legal status:Private