Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Strengthening the cultural identity of the programme area
Project start date 31/12/2018
Project end date 30/12/2020
Project total budget EUR 459,981.23
Project EU funding EUR 390,110.08
Description Overall objective: Strengthen the cultural identity of Republic of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina through support of the work of museums in project area
Specific objective 1: Support two countries’ museums as guardians of historical and cultural heritage and traditions in cross border area, in terms of increasing their visibility, upgrading their capacities, improving their connections / cooperation and strengthening their place on the market of cultural tourism.
Result 1: Established cross-border cooperation between Museums through the Network of Museums and its joint web presentation
Result 2: Museums’ capacities strengthened through the education and means for digitization
Result 3: Museums made more visible and attractive to citizens and tourists through new services, exhibits and events preserving tradition and historical/cultural heritageActivity 1.1. Preparation activities
Activity 1.2.  Establishing an informal Network of Museums in the cross border area
Activity 1.3. Creation of the website for the Network
Activity 2.1. Procurement of digitization equipment
Activity 2.2. Education in digitalization of museum collections
Activity 3. 1. Exchange Museum exhibition between countries
Activity 3.2. Preparation and publication of Museum catalogues and videos
Activity 3.3. Production of new Museum exhibitions
Activity 3.4. Enriching and expanding organization of Museum Night event
Activity 3.5. Promotion activities
Expected results N/A
Expected outputs N/A
Lead partner Institution name: City of Sarajevo
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address: Hamdije Kreševljakovića 3, 71000 Sarajevo
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Cultural Center Vuk Karadžić
Country: Serbia
Address: Save Kovačevića 1, 15300 Loznica
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Historic Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address: Zmaja od Bosne 5, 71000 Sarajevo
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Institute for Protection of Cultural Heritage in Kraljevo
Country: Serbia
Address: Cara Lazara 24, 36000 Kraljevo
Legal status: Public