Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Protection of nature resources
Project start date 01.12.2019
Project end date 31.1.2022
Project total budget EUR 422.967.6
Project EU funding EUR 359.480.16
Description Overall objective: Improved protection of people and the environment through reduced risks of disasters in the cross-border area
Specific objective 1: Strengthened capacities of institutions and services for prevention and mitigation of floods and fires
Specific objective 2: Raised awareness of the people from the cross-border area on disaster risk reduction – DRRProject activities:
1.1: Procure the equipment for protection and rescue from floods and fires
1.2: Organise cross-border trainings for rescuers (Protection in case of floods, Protection and Rescue from Fires)
1.3: Organise cross-border field exercises
1.4: Organise workshops for rescuers on protection from floods and fires
1.5: Develop evacuation plans in cases of floods and fires for schools
2.1: Organise trainings on Forecasting and Early Warning System
2.2: Procure equipment for forecasting and early warning system
3.1: Organise Seminar on Best EU practice in protection from floods
3.2: Organise Seminar on Best EU practice in protection from fires
4.1: Organise lectures for primary and secondary school students
4.2: Organise visits of students to OCC 112, Rescuing Services and hydrometeorology services
4.3: Develop mobile applications for emergencies
4.4: Organise Cross-border Quiz, Literary and Drawing competitions
4.5: Organise lectures for people in local communities
4.6: Prepare and distribute publications for emergency situations
4.7: Organise awareness raising activities – press conferences, TV and radio shows, newspaper articles and website texts and promotional items
5.1: Organise Conference on DRR and importance of cross-border and regional cooperation
5.2: Develop Cross-border Agreement on Cooperation in DRR
5.3: Organise cross-border meetings of project stakeholders
5.4: Develop and sign Memorandum of Cooperation
Expected results ‘R1 – Improved technical and personnel capacity of institutions and services for protection and rescue
R2 – Capacities for forecasting and early warning system and cross-border cooperation in this area improved
R3 – Institutions and services in charge of protection and rescue from Serbia and Montenegro familiarised with the best EU practice in this area
R4 – Population in the cross-border area and target municipalities familiarised with DRR
R5 – Improved cooperation between protection and rescue units and institutions from Serbia and Montenegro
Expected outputs  N/A
Lead partner Institution name:FORS Montenegro – Foundation for Development of Northern Montenegro
Country: Montenegro
Address:Nikšić , Ivana Milutinovića 10
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Serbia
Country: Serbia
Address:Beograd Omladinskih brigade 31
Legal status: Public