Project funding EU
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Programme website Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Climate change adaptation and mitigation measures and risk prevention and management measures are improved
Project start date 01.07.2022
Project end date 30.06.2024
Project total budget EUR 590.336,06
0Project EU funding EUR 492.500,00
Description Overall objective: The overall objective of the project is improved the integration of the system of prevention, intervention, and recovery process from disasters caused by climate change in the cross-border area, and its flexibility to respond to new challenges. Specific objectives: SO1: Improved capacities for cross-border cooperation, and prevention and intervention during climate change disasters. SO2: Improved the cooperation and the cross-border system for interventions during and recovery after an disaster. Planned activities: A1 – Good practices and raising awareness of local actors is the first group of activities with the following sub-activities: 1.1 Comparative analysis of the application of good practice in 3 areas of emergency intervention; 1.2 Five promotional campaigns for the population, NGOs, and local governments; 1.3. Disaster rescue and volunteerism, to attract young people to get involved in the work of services and access the accreditation/training processes and 1.4 Campaign for private companies. A2 – Work on improving planning. 2.1 Training of staff involved in updating plans; 2.2 Capacity analysis for rescuing special categories of the population. 2.3 Technical support during the update process; 2.4 Adoption of updated plans A3 – Procurement and commissioning of equipment. 3.1 Procurement of equipment for fire interventions, flood rescue, and MRS; 3.2 Staff training for the use of the equipment. A4 – Training of emergency services members. The training will be used to “introduce” newly built capacities into the protection systems (purchased equipment, new staff, population, private and public actors). A5 – Joint practical exercises. The best way to test and evaluate plans is through exercises. 5.1 Interventions in protected areas (fire); 5.2 Protection of the population right next to the border; 5.3 MRS intervention; 5.4 Water interventions
Expected results Expected results: Result 1 – Awareness and involvement of local actors will be increased – 1500 inhabitants, 10 NGOs, 10 local governments, and 10 private companies in the cross border area (SO1) Result 2 – (local) disaster management plans and an early warning system between cross-border services will be updated in line with the new epidemiological situation and good practices. Its fulfillment will enable the adjustment of the work of services/actions in accordance with the epidemic, as well as define more precisely the possibilities of cross-border action. (SO1) Result 3 – Equipment of 20 disaster prevention and response services, and infrastructures for interventions at the border between B&H and Montenegro will be improved (SO1) Result 4 – 4 joint trainings will be implemented There will be 4 joint trainings as a prerequisite and preparation for holding rescue exercises and interventions. The trainings will serve to “introduce” newly built capacities into the protection systems (purchased equipment, new staff, population, private and public actors). The objective of the trainings is to reduce the response time in local communities, but also in cross-border cooperation. Mutual (cross-border) assistance of services is defined by interstate agreements and protocols. (SO2) Result 5 – 4 joint emergency rescue service exercises will be held Joint exercises would be thematic and the proposed topics are protected areas – fire fighting (eg Hutovo blato in B&H or Trebesja Nikšić), high-rise residential buildings – fire brigade, MRS, flood protection. (SO2)
Expected outputs  N/A
Lead partner Institution name:Directorate for Civil Protection and Firefighting of Herzegovina-Neretva Canton
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address:Mostar,Stjepana Radića 3/III
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Entrepreneurship and Business Association LiNK
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address: Mostar,Bulevar narodne revolucije 55 A,
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name:FORS Montenegro – Foundation for the Development of Northern Montenegro
Address: Nikšić,ul. Ivana Milutinovića 10
Legal status: Private