Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective The access to the labour market and the environment for new employment generation are enhanced
Project start date 15.03. 2022
Project end date 14.07. 2024
Project total budget EUR 455.000
0Project EU funding EUR 367.000
Description Overall objective: The overall objective of the project is to use cross-border resources and potentials of 12 local communities and strengthen environment for employment in the sector of creative industries. Specific objectives: SO1: Resource centres for the development of creative industries established. SO2: Cross-border cooperation between accredited private employment intermediaries established. Planned activities: Activity 1 1.1 Creating work plans and signing partnership agreements 1.2 Renovation of premises 1.3 Equipping the premises Activity 2 2.1 Market research; 2.2 Accreditation of training programs 2.3 Development of service packages Activity 3 3.1 Identification of the needs of employers and trainees 3.2 Creation of internship programs 3.3 Implementation of internship 3.4 Exchange of best practices and recommendations for further work Activity 4 4.1 Strengthening the capacity of employment intermediaries to provide services in creative industries 4.2 Defining the basis for establishing a cross-border information system 4.3 Creating technical conditions for establishment 4.4 Pilot project to test the operation of the system Activity 5 5.1 Public Call and selection of candidates 5.2 Implementation of training 5.3 Support to candidates in the employment process Activity 6 6.1 Analysis of existing programs 6.2 Improvement of programs 6.3 Implementation of programs 6.4 Analysis of effects and creation of good practice
Expected results Expected results: Result 1: 4 resource centres that will provide support for the development of creative industries established and equipped in Jablanica (Business Incubator Jablanica / Youth Club Urban Art), Bijelo Polje (Multimedijal Association), Danilovgrad (Youth House) and Konjic (Business Incubator). Result 2: Training programmes developed Result 3: Internship programme delivered (SO2) Result 4: Cross border information system for labor market related to creative industries established Result 5: Unemployed persons employment skills for working in creative industries improved Result 6: Business start-up programme delivered
Expected outputs  N/A
Lead partner Institution name:Municipality Jablanica
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address:Jablanica.Pere Bilića 15
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Multimedijal Montenegro
Country: Montenegro
Address: Bijelo Polje,Ulica Slobode bb
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name:Municipality of Danilovgrad
Address: Danilovgrad,Trg 9. decembar
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name:Udruženje za poduzetništvo i posao LiNK
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address:Mostar,Bulevar narodne revolucije 55 A
Legal status: Private