Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – North Macedonia
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Skills improvement and creation of employment opportunities in perspective sectors
Project start date 01.01.2023
Project end date 30.06.2024
Project total budget EUR204.902.86
Project EU funding EUR174.167.43
Description Overall objective: Contribution to improving skills and creating employment opportunities in promising sectors
Specific objective: Increase the employability of the working age population of the NEET youth group.

Main activities:
1.1 Set up of CB coaching for employment package – 6 peer exchange meetings and project team workshops;
1.2 User mapping – participatory selection of beneficiaries; (Field analyses, data processing, selection of beneficiaries and analyses report);
1.3 Capacity building action for improving soft skills;
1.4 Individual or small beneficiaries groups’ mentorship / workshops / seminars, according to their additional needs and requirements);
2.1 Creating personalised development plans by using participative / interactive method, through professional development interviews;
2.2 Plan/conduct VET trainings – requalification initiatives;
2.3 Plan/conduct training for Start-up businesses (support for women-founded businesses);
2.4 Plan/conduct mentoring of beneficiaries (40) for start-up;
2.5 Organizing Peer Review – (sets of exchange of experiences) two meetings intended for project beneficiaries;
3.1 Exchange visits in RS and NMK visiting institutions and social enterprises;
3.2 Design of study for the resources and possibilities for CB cooperation of prospect social enterprises;
3.3 Joint support of 4 new prospect start-up / social enterprises – online mentorship for required documentation;
3.4 Establishment of a CB resource centre (drafting of founding acts, regulations, work protocols and customer support curriculum).

Expected results Result 1: Improved competencies and social skills of NEET young people and disadvantaged youth.
Result 2: The enhanced employment potential of NEET Youth and people at risk of social exclusion by setting up individual pathways toward employment or self-employment tailored to the needs of the target groups.
Result 3: Defined effective partnership among key stakeholders that promote efficiency in providing tailor-made services to the target group
Expected outputs N\A
Lead partner Institution name:Educational Centre Leskovac (EDC)
Country: Serbia
Address:Leskovac ,Masarikov trg 32
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name:Foundation for Development of Education and Culture Albiz
Country:North Macedonia
Address:Skopje , Saraj, STR.20 NO.97
Legal status:Public
Partner Institution name:Center for Sustainable Development -ALKA
Country:North Macedonia
Address:Skopje , Oktomvriska Revolucija 8-2/4
Legal status:Private