Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Protection of nature resources
Project start date 30.12.2018
Project end date 30.06.2021
Project total budget EUR 232.568,14
Project EU funding EUR 197682,92
Description Overall objective: Protection of nature resources in cross-border region through strengthening the system of waste management.
Specific objective 1: Raising awareness of citizens about integrated waste management practices
Specific objective 2: Establishing the network of waste pickers and increasing the number of rural households composting the waste

Project activities:
A1.1. Project kick-off meeting and creation of communication and visibility plan,
A1.2. Market analysis of prices and availability;
A1.3. Training of beneficiaries in management of EU project;
A1.4. Introduction conference;
A1.5. Dissemination conference;
A2.1. Training for GS and JKPV staff on effective communication models with the citizens;
A2.2. Creation of audio-visual materials;
A2.3. Creation of crash courses and schools workshops;
A2.4. Volunteering actions with schools, NGOs, tourism and other industry professionals, and households;
A2.5 Awareness raising campaigns and signing of MoUs;
A3.1. Development of investment plans for solid
A3.2. Preparation and implementation of tendering documentation and call for tenderers;
A3.3. Installation of containers for separation of waste and upgrading of the surrounding landscapes;
A3.4. Professional Staff Training on monitoring, evaluation and reporting about waste separation and integrated waste management practices;
A4.1. Developing the waste collection and disposal system from rural areas;
A4.2. Workshops for waste collectors and promotion of recycling yard; A4.3. Professional services staff training for the work with waste collectors;
A5.1. Educational seminars on composting;
A5.2. Preparation of a manual on composting and guide to starting a school compost program;
A5.3. Monitoring of and professional support to the work of compost producers.

Expected results N/A
Expected outputs  N/A
Lead partner Institution name:Municipality of Gusinje
Country: Montenegro
Address:Gusinje , Bosanska
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name:Utility Company Vrela, Sjenica
Country: Serbia
Address:Sjenica , Milorada Jovanovića
Website: N/A
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name:Tourist organization Gusinje
Country: Montenegro
Address:Gusinje , Bosanska
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name:National Park Prokletije
Country: Montenegro
Address:Gusinje , Bosanska
Website: N/A
Legal status: Public