Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – North Macedonia
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Mobilizing cultural and natural recourses for joint development of sustainable tourism products and destinations
Project start date 01.09.2021
Project end date 28.02.2023
Project total budget EUR 165.606,04
Project EU funding EUR 140.765,13
Description Overall objective: developing sustainable nature-friendly tourism in the CB region of North Macedonia and Serbia to bring long-term benefits to the citizens, wildlife and nature of the region.
Specific objective(s): (1) building capacities in the CB region to launch and manage an alternative nature-friendly tourism product – photo hunting tourism, and (2) bringing new common tourism product to the market.The project will make strong contribution to the Specific Objective 2.1 “Mobilising cultural and natural resources for joint development of sustainable tourism products and destinations”, by engaging Hunting Associations from the North Macedonia and South Serbia (operating on the Programme territories) in developing and launching to the market of the sustainable alternative tourism offer (photo hunting tours), improving the current state of natural sites which are used as hunting grounds to be more attractive and informative tourism destinations.
The results of the project will be the local ownership of Hunting Associations operating in Jablanica and Pcinija districts in Serbia and Kriva Palanka and Rankovce in North Macedonia with the capacities for tourism product development and management being increased and the natural habitats of game being improved and maintained in a sustainable nature-friendly and tourism friendly ways.
The project will also make a contribution to bringing new opportunities to local populations providing tourism and hospitality services in small municipalities located near photo hunting grounds or on the developed routes for reaching the photo hunting destinations.
Expected results 1.1. Enhanced engaged cooperation between Hunting associations in the project CB region in developing and providing an alternative tourism offer – photo hunting tourism.
1.2. Exchanged and integrated knowledge and skills of Hunting associations and tourism actors in the CB project area.
1.3. Elaborated common strategy and action plans for launching, promoting and growing the photo hunting tourism offer in the CB region;
1.4. Common touristic product developed: Visit points prepared for photo hunting tourists: equipped, managed
2.1. The final photo hunting tourism offer is designed and promotion campaign launched;
2.2. Outreached and engaged wide audiences of potential tourism product users (target groups);
2.3. Built capacities for business cooperation with key tourism actors in the CB region.
Expected outputs Project team meetings / trainings / joint project management / joint activities management
Mapping key stakeholders and tourism actors / meetings and engagement in project events / conference / focus groups to engage in product development
Mapping the covered hunting grounds, hunting game, endangered species and other wildlife / think-tank meetings with experts (tourism business, tourism and wildlife legislation, multimedia channels), stakeholders, tourism actors / conference / strategy and action plan design and approval by project partners
Purchasing and installing equipment for hunt stand points (animal feeders, mineral sites) / Staff introduction to new equipment
Project team meetings / expert meetings / cooperation agreements with tourism actors/ tourist info materials preparation and publication / design of the final tourism offer / promotion campaign design
Promotion campaign using traditional and modern channels / meetings with key representatives of target groups / presentations in schools and universities / promotional photo hunting tours
Meetings with key tourism actors / conference
Lead partner Institution name: Hunting Association of Serbia
Country: Serbia
Address: Alekse Nenadovića, 19-23/II, Belgrade
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Hunting Association “Slavisko Pole” Rankovce
Country: North Macedonia
Address: Petralica, Rankovce
Website: N/A
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Hunting Federation of Macedonia
Country: North Macedonia
Address: Nikola Vapcarov 7A, Skopje
Website: N/A
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Hunting Association Golub
Country: Serbia
Address: Nikola Vapcarov 7A, Bujanovc
Website: N/A
Legal status: Private