Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective The quality and diversification of the tourism offer building on natural and cultural heritage is improved
Project start date 15.11.2019
Project end date 14.12.2021
Project total budget EUR394.904
0Project EU funding EUR 333.575
Description Overall objective: The overall objective is to improve the quality and diversify touristic offer of cultural heritage sites (respecting new trends and technologies) in the cross-border area of Central Montenegro and Herzegovina that would lead to increasing and proceeding number of visitors for 5% until the end of 2021. Specific objectives: SO1: To modernize at least 2 museum settings (presentational tools and interpretation) and quality of alongside facilities/businesses. SO2: To create regional tourism cluster “aMUSeumING” with at least 20 actors involved promoting the region as multi-ethnic and culturally diverse European destination. Planned activities: A1. “Introducing new technologies in museums” – technical assistance, trainings, small scale internal works for adapting the space for new technologies and facilities, purchasing and installation of equipment and 2 promotional events A2. “Improving supporting facilities/businesses” – technical assistance, trainings, workshops with creative industries such as academies of fine arts, creation of promotional material, and small-scale equipping A3. “Creation of aMUSeumING tourism niche” – mapping, workshops, strategic planning sessions, creation of promotional material, study tours, fairs, joint cultural events
Expected results Expected results: Result 1.1 Presentational and interpretation capacities of cultural heritage sites (use modern technologies) significantly improved in Niksic and Jablanica and promoted in other museums Result 1.2 The quality of offer of at least 20 supporting facilities / businesses in tourism sector is increased and they are better connected (especially businesses in rural areas) with the museums Result 2.1 Unique touristic offer of at least 15 museums (cultural heritage site) in Central MNE and Herzegovina created and at least 4 new sites (focus on rural tourism sites) integrated into the offer
Expected outputs  N/A
Lead partner Institution name:Entrepreneurship and Business
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address:Mostar,Bulevar narodne revolucije 55 A
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Jablanica Municipality
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address: Jablanica,Pere Bilića 15
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name:National Museum of Montenegro
Address: Cetinje,Novice Cerovica
Website: N/A
Legal status:Public