Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Cross border coordination and joint actions improve the management and energy efficiency of local water supply, wastewater and solid waste systems, and the protection of environment
Project start date 15.10.2019
Project end date 15.10.2021
Project total budget EUR 493.019
0Project EU funding EUR 416601
Description Overall objective: The overall objective: To develop an integrated and environmentally sound waste management system in 6 municipalities (14% of the program area) and increase the amount of recycled waste for 5% until the end of 2021. Specific objectives: SO 1: To increase waste management efficiency in 6 municipalities through inter municipal (regional) initiatives and private public partnerships (by increasing capacities of 12 institutions and better enforcement of 6 waste management plans). SO 2: To increase public awareness of citizens and institutions to use over 36 waste selection points (by working through 6 schools on awareness raising and education). Planned activities: Activity 1: Capacity building – joint trainings, round tables and analysis and upgrading of waste management by proposing technical plans. Activity 2: Upgrading waste management – technical assistance, tailor made training for public utility companies and establishing green islands and points for waste selection. Activity 3: Creating extra-curricular programme for awareness raising – joint trainings, exchange of secondary school students, facilitation of workshops, adoption of the programs. Activity 4: Educational campaigns – identification of best practices, producing and distribution of promotional material, supporting innovative campaigns through social networks, organizing joint cultural and public events related to environment and waste management standards, implementing small scale school initiatives for better waste collection and reduction include education of rural tourism stakeholders to use compost.
Expected results Expected results: Result 1: 12 institutions and organizations increased their capacity for waste management Result 2: Better enforcement of 6 waste management plans implemented Result 3: Extra-curricular programme in secondary education on both sides of the border in 4 schools will be harmonized and introduced Result 4: Six (6) % of program area population will be covered by public awareness raising and sensitized for waste reduction and proper collection
Expected outputs  N/A
Lead partner Institution name:Entrepreneurship and Business Association LiNK
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address:Mostar,Bulevar narodne revolucije 55 A
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Šavnik Municipality
Country: Montenegro
Address: Šavnik,Opština Šavnik
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name:Beekeeping Association „Matica“ Pljevlja
Address: Pljevlja
Website: N/A
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name:Jablanica Municipality
Country: Bosnia and Herzegovina
Address:Jablanica,Pere Bilića 15
Legal status: Public