The European Cultural Tourism Network (ECTN) recognized the NEOLIFE project as an innovative model for the interpretation of cultural heritage. NEOLIFE project team was given an opportunity to present the project at an Annual Network Members Conference as part of the final Interreg CHRISTA project Conference.

The goals, activities and expected results of the NEOLIFE project, with a particular focus on the sustainable management model of the open-air archeological museum, have been presented at the conference.

Presentation of the project resulted in an initiative for the cities of Uzice and Tuzla to become members of  ECTN. The membership will create possibilities for new partnerships and exchange of experiences with other members of the network, as well as possibility for increasing the visibility of tourism offer based on the cultural heritage of both cities and Cross-border areas.

The European Cultural Tourism Network is composed of representatives from29 European countries. They meet once a year and present examples of good practices, discuss new trends in the global tourism market and announce the annual winner of Sustainable Cultural Tourism Destination category.

The NEOLIFE project is implemented under the IPA CBC programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina. For more information on this programme check its website.