“Zlatibor District through partnership relations”

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Nov 08 2007 - May 05 2016

“Zlatibor District through partnership relations”

The conference on regional development Zlatibor District through partnership relations was organized by the regional center for development of SMEs and entrepreneurship “Zlatibor”, the Regional authority of and 9 municipalities of the Zlatibor district at hotel “Zlatibor” (MONA), on Zlatibor, on November 8th and 9th, 2007.

The purpose of conference was to introduce all the relevant representatives of Zlatibor District to national institutions, policy makers, experts and donors in order to be able to transfer existing knowledge, share experience, and help them use all their potentials and capabilities for sustainable development with maximum efficiency.

Since the CBIB project conducted the SWOT interviews and had one presentation of the IPA funds and future CBC activities during the process of preparation of the cross-border programme Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia – Montenegro in Uzice, it was recognized as potential partner and possible support in the future implementation of the activities proposed by the relevant actors in the district.


The presentations on the first day started at 12.00 a.m. During the morning session, the relevant National authorities and European institutions had their presentations (Ministry of Economy and Regional Development, Ministry of Finance, European Agency for Reconstruction, SDC – Swiss agency for development and Cooperation). During the afternoon session, Zlatibor district regional authority, 9 municipalities and Regional Centre “Zlatibor” had their presentations on potentials and resources available, priorities with relevant measures for further economic development and problems (in their presentations defined as challenges) that they would have to face in the implementation of their ideas.

After the official closure of the first conference day session the meeting between representatives from municipalities of Zlatibor district and guests from neighbouring countries (Secretariat for European Integration and municipalities of Niksic and Kolasin from the Republic of Montenegro and North-East Regional Development Association from Bosnia and Herzegovina) took place.

The presentations on the second day started at 10.00 a.m. During the morning session the employees of the Regional Centre “Zlatibor” presented top 10 project ideas – local initiatives in facing the existing challenges. During the afternoon session the projects financed by donor organizations (PRO project – implemented by UNDP and financed by EU and SDC – Swiss agency for development and Cooperation, LER – USAID project, MSP – SDC project, ZORA – GTZ project and CBIB – EU funded project) had their presentations.

Conclusions and Lessons Learned:

  • The region/district has great potentials and all the relevant actors are actively involved (only one municipality did not support the initiative) even if they are not of the same political background;
  • National institutions have to pay more attention to the existing regional initiatives, and be actively involved by providing support to the process in the same time;
  • The solution for the main issues is not in the regional/local jurisdiction. Threat: if the results will be partially or insufficiently implemented, and prolonged in time, the existing enthusiasm may disappear and it will be hard to renew it again, especially with the same intensity;
  • The audience and the great interest of the participants show that IPA CBC raises a lot of expectations in the region. Information is in a high demand.
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