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Oct 07 2008 - May 05 2016

JTS Training

The second four day training for the selected JTS and antennae staff for IPA cross-border programmes on the internal borders of the Western Balkan countries was organised from 7th until 10th October in Skopje, in hotel Continental.

Among 22 trainees, coming from the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Albania, were those employed in JTSs or antennae for 2 cross-border programmes (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia – Albania and Albania – Montenegro), and representatives from Operating Structures (Ministry of Local Self Government, Secretariat for European Integration, Ministry of Finance – fYRoM and Ministry of European Integration – Albania).

All of participants took active part in the training. They have established very good communication among themselves during the course, but also after each working session.

Course objectives:

  • Gain knowledge on new financing instrument – IPA and relevant cross-border programmes;
  • Be aware of the linkage between cross-border program and the specific Call for Proposals;
  • Know major steps in implementation of the programme and the role of the various actors in each step;
  • Know specific role and tasks of JTS in every step of the programme implementation cycle;
  • Know what it takes to launch a Call for Proposals;
  • Know what it takes to evaluate grant project proposals;
  • Know how grant contracts will be awarded;

But also

  • Networking and establishment of good communication between staff from various JTSs and antennae.

General description of the course:

The purpose of the 4 days training was to train the staff of the Joint Technical Secretariat (JTS) in their tasks/roles in managing the Call for Proposals under IPA cross-border programme. The training also was targeted to facilitate their understanding on their roles as defined in the JTS manual.

The training followed the phases and tasks of the JTS in each phase of the Call for Proposal cycle:

  • Preparatory Activities (incl. preparation of guidelines)
  • Launching of the CfP
  • Evaluation
  • Contract Prep. and Signature
  • Project implementation

The course was divided into different blocks/elements:

  1. Introduction to IPA CBC
  2. Institutional Framework for implementing the cross-border programme
  3. Steps and sub-steps in the Call for Proposal process (actors, responsibilities, timeline)
  4. Visibility requirements of EC assistance
  5. Preparatory Activities for CfP
  6. Guidelines for Applicants;
  7. Launching Call for Proposals;
  8. Evaluation, Steps;
  9. Evaluation, Concept Note;
  10. Evaluation, Full Application Form;
  11. Evaluation, Provisional Selection, Eligibility Criteria & Submission of Proof;
  12. Contract Preparation and Signature;
  13. Implementation of the project level;
  14. Implementation on the program level
  15. Implication of the activities on Work Plan and TA budget.
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