IPA CBC programmes 2007 – 2013

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Dec 12 2007 - May 05 2016

IPA CBC programmes 2007 – 2013

The awareness seminar on the cross-border programme Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatia was organized in the premises of RS Chamber of Commerce in Banja Luka, in close cooperation of the Directorate for European Integration of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the CBIB.

Different institutions (Municipalities, NGOs, Chambers of Commerce, health care and education institutions, etc.) were invited and 23 persons participated. The event was well covered by the local media (TV, newspapers and radio).


The objective of this awareness seminar was not only to familiarize the potential applicants in Banja Luka region with IPA CBC, cross-border programmes and the concept of the cross-border projects but also to introduce them to the possibilities, opportunities and benefits from the implementation of these programmes for them and their region.

Mrs. Dragana Ristic executive director of the RS Chamber of Commerce and Vlado Pijunovic from CBIB Sarajevo officially opened the meeting. Three presentations were made:

  • Introduction to IPA and IPA Component II: Cross-border programme 2007-2013 Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatia, presented by Nada Bojanic acting Head of the Department for regional cooperation and CBC programmes, Directorate for European Integration for Bosnia and Herzegovina;
  • Regional project – Cross-border Institutional Building – CBIB and its activities in the Western Balkan region (support to the national, local authorities and potential applicant of the cross-border programmes), by Mr. Vlado Pijunovic, CBIB Sarajevo;
  • What is a cross-border project (type of projects, type of partners, budget and eligible costs, call for proposal), by Ms. Maja Stojanovic, CBIB Belgrade;

The presentations were followed by questions and answers.

Conclusions and Lessons Learned:

The great interest of the participants shows that IPA CBC raises many expectations in the region. This seminar not only raised the awareness on IPA cross-border programmes but initiated requests for further similar events where potential project ideas and partners could be identified.

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