Economic region in Drina River watershed

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Apr 21 2007 - May 05 2016

Economic region in Drina River watershed

The representatives of the Regional Chambers of Commerce located in the Drina River watershed have recognized the opportunity to jointly identify their priorities and jointly define the measures to address the existing needs. They have understood that economic prosperity is directly linked to the regional and national cooperation.

The idea of cooperation in the economic region in the Drina river watershed was materialized on April 21st, 2007 in Uzice where the agreement on cooperation has been signed. The agreement was signed between the Chambers of Commerce of Montenegro, Republika Srpska, Federation BIH, Serbia, Valjevo, Bijeljina, Eastern Sarajevo, Trebinje, Gorazde canton and Uzice.

The representatives of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce, Ministry of International Economic Relations, Republic of Serbia and the CBIB project were also present. 

The general conclusion was that this initiative presented a new way of thinking and the beginning of a new period, as well as the intention that this region would become a part of the Europe and the developed world. The CBIB Team Leader gave a presentation on the importance of the regional cooperation and CBC activities in the framework of IPA in the Western Balkans region and emphasized the importance of similar initiatives between other actors in the region as well. This will ensure that available IPA allocations for cross-border cooperation will be utilized in the best and most efficient manner.

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