Since the beginning of 2019, the IPA II CBC project ‘Craftsman’ has been implemented under the programme Serbia – Montenegro. The leader of the action, revolving around labour policy, is the Municipality of Rožaje (ME) in partnership with the Municipality of Sjenica (RS) and two vocational schools, one in each of these municipalities.

The project aims to promote employment and labor mobility in cross-border area by increasing employability and employment opportunities for craftsmen.

Activities are being carried out according to plan. To date, all training modules for 43 unemployed who would like to provide craftsman services have been delivered and the offices to support craftsmanship in the foregoing municipalities were established.

The project team is now actively occupied in providing the necessary mentoring for the 40 unemployed so that they should be able to start working as craftsmen very soon. The team is also supporting the municipal authorities to adopt strategies to develop craftsmanship further, setting up a joint website for the long-term promotion of craftsmanship, procuring equipment for the vocational schools to improve the technical means that could make attractive these professions and printing manuals for business development.

A project like this is meant to gain in effectiveness thanks to its cross-border dimension. Teaching experience of the two vocational schools was combined to create a common training programme, the market for craftsmanship is enlarged and the management capacity of the partners is fostered to launch other initiatives that would make this one more sustainable.

’’I see this project as a great opportunity for the development of business ideas through networking of professionals from various fields (economy, entrepreneurship, business, psychology, media…). I have received the input and guidance that I needed, particularly by the assistance I got from the mentors. Thanks to them, I have developed an idea that could become a sustainable and profitable business initiative. The project opened my eyes on how to overcome my personal doubts and insecurity, and showed me how I can get additional knowledge that could be crucial for the implementation of my business idea. More precisely, the professionals working for the project are considering to be partners on each single business idea brought up by the trainees with a great commitment to see that idea materialised into business.’’ – Semir Dedeić, a direct beneficiary.

I have had a very good experience with this project. I have learnt some new things which I need for the development of my personal business. The whole project staff I have met (professors, mentors and other people) are very committed to our success and have not spared efforts in helping us to achieve our goals. Great work!”- Fazlija Kurpejović, a direct beneficiary.

Project implemented under EU-funded IPA II CBC programme Serbia – Montenegro

Project duration: 31/12/2018 – 30.05.2020 (17 months)

Project total value: € 193.466,70 (out of which € 164.446,70 EU funds)