Brief description
Cooperation between libraries, cultural and educational institutions, sharing of knowledge on the cultural and historical heritage of Croatia and Montenegro, and promotion of cultural cooperation.
Region Intra Western Balkan borders
Countries Croatia (HR) – Montenegro (MNE)
Location MNE: Municipalities of Kotor, Cetinje and Podgorica

HR: The Dubrovnik-Neretva County and the City of Dubrovnik

Type of project partners N/A
Size (total budget including EU grants) € 50,000 to € 200,000
Main themes Employment, labour mobility and social inclusion
Tourism and cultural heritage
Keywords (Types of Activities) People-to-people projects
Study visits, exchanges and networking
Publications, websites, databases
Marketing, promotional activities, awareness campaigns
Acquisition of equipment
Keywords (Aspects of Good Practice) Genuine cross-border dimension
Genuine cross-border impact
Good dissemination
Background and Objectives The overall objective of this project was to improve cooperation between libraries, cultural and educational institutions of Croatia and Montenegro, with impact on a wide number of citizens from both countries. The project was especially focused on establishing a regular cooperation and exchange of library holdings and the sharing of knowledge on the cultural and historical heritage of the two countries.
Main activities The project set up 3 websites, purchased and exchanged books between libraries, as well as distributed publications for 70 libraries on both sides of the border.

Information on library holdings was enhanced, libraries enriched their collections with new works from publishers with whom they had not cooperated before, and other improvements were made to the operation of the libraries such as the posting of books in PDF format on their websites, allowing access to other institutions and organisations, as well as to all interested parties.

Commonly organised lectures, workshops and promotions of authors and publishers took place in Dubrovnik, Kotor and Cetinje.

Main results The project enhanced the holdings of the participating libraries (609 publications in MNE and 739 publications in HR), and upgraded the functioning and use of the libraries by citizens, as proved by the large number of visitors (over 22,000) to the three websites:;

The project also achieved a better flow of information and communication amongst a large number of institutions and individuals, through mailing lists (over 500 addresses) and press releases (175 press clippings, 3 advertisements in newspapers, several TV reviews), as well as direct contact with citizens in Kotor and Cetinje (MNE) and in Dubrovnik (HR) as well as in other places in the cross-border region.

This has contributed to raising the level of knowledge on the cultural and historical heritage of the two countries based on:

  • the selection of literary works of Croatian and Montenegrin writers (3 publications);
    discussions on promotions (12), lectures (3) and workshop (1) between cultural workers, writers, librarians, and direct contact with
  • the literary public, students and other readers;
  • presentation of the best literary creation;
  • the promotions (6) of publications which were published by the beneficiaries and were distributed to the libraries (143) in Montenegro and the Dubrovnik-Neretva County (HR).
Aspects of good practice “Dubrovnik and Kotor – Cities and Books” proved to be an innovative and efficient project, with a genuine cross-border dimension and impact, as well as an exemplary visibility and publicity approach.

It established and shared information about cultural and educational institutions, publishers and artists, and in this way created conditions for further cooperation and communication.

The project noticeably contributed to the development of cultural cooperation: during the promotions of publications the audiences in Kotor and Cetinje and Dubrovnik showed great interest in the literary works of the two related cultures. There is no doubt that the reading public and citizens of the cross-border region in general need to share their own experiences about contemporary literature. Hence, cultural cooperation becomes a good way for integration and economic prosperity, because it comes from familiarity and good communication. By this, the project has definitely contributed to socio-economic changes in the cross-border region.

Start and completion dates: December 2010 – December 2011
More information

Partner MNE: Cultural Centre ‘Nikola Đurković’ – City Library Kotor and NGO ProStory,

Partner HR: Dubrovnik Libraries, Dubrovnik, and Matica Hrvatska (branch Dubrovnik),