In order to create a sustainable system of support to artisans, cross-border cooperation is very important for the exchange of experiences, expanding and creating new markets. It is also important to strengthen the capacity of institutions to participate in cross-border cooperation and learning through examples of different experiences.

With the financial support of the European Union as a part of IPA CBC Programme Serbia-Montenegro 2014-2020, worth 164,446 euros, Municipality Rožaje and Sjenica will increase employment opportunities for artisans and create a favorable business environment for existing and new craft entrepreneurs. Through a series of activities, the project has so far supported 85 direct beneficiaries through mentoring, four training sessions for writing a business plan and work on computers were organized, capacity of local communities for the development of handicrafts strengthened as well as capacities in secondary vocational schools to improve education curricula related crafts and provided a significant contribution to creating sustainable support to artisans in Rozaje and Sjenica.

Within the project two offices for the encouragement and development of crafts in these municipalities were established. The purpose of the Office is to encourage crafts, to support its establishment and development of business enterprises, education, increased innovation and creativity of artisans.

“The Craftsman project is an excellent opportunity to develop business ideas, in terms of networking with professionals from various fields (economics, entrepreneurship, business, psychology, media …) and for obtaining the necessary contributions and guidance (step by step) with professional business trainers for idea development and it implementation into a sustainable and profitable business. Activities based on a project offers tools for overcoming the obstacles posed by personal doubts and uncertainties, as well as tools for additional skills that are crucial for the enhancement and implementation of business ideas. More specifically, this project and the professionals associated with it are partners in each business idea with great dedication to convert this idea into a business. “- said Semir Dedeić, artisans from Rozaje.

Source: IPA CBC programme Serbia-Montenegro website