On 16 August this year, the regional center for waste management hosted the third training within the project “Establishing the system of sustainable bulky waste management, on the territories of the cities of Uzice and Tuzla – Bulky Waste Less/BWL”.

The project team presented to the employees of “Duboko” and “Bioktoš” the previous results related to the removal of bulky waste in Užice.

As part of the project, from November 2021 until today, 133.5 tons of waste have been collected in the local communities of Užice, every last weekend of the month, and the share of bulky waste is 79 percent. In the territory of rural municipalities, where waste is collected in three groups on the first week of every third month, 22 tons of waste have been collected since January, and the share of bulky waste is 57 percent.

The new bulky waste management system was successfully established in Užice and Tuzla. But based on the monitoring, information from the field, and discussion, it was concluded that it is necessary to continue the work on educating citizens with the aim of increasing their responsibility in cooperation with the media and inspection services.

As part of the training, certificates were distributed to the participants of the education workshops from “Duboko” and “Bioktoš”, which are directly or indirectly related to the collection, transport and processing of bulky waste.


Source: IPA II CBC Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina programme website