Within the project “Cycling routes to improve natural and cultural heritage of Herzegovina and Montenegro – Cycling Rural”, funded by the European Union, on Friday, March 12, 2021. (from 14:00 to 17:00) Forum of Active Tourism called “Adriatic Outdoor Adventure” will be held. The aim of the forum is to acquaint representatives of the tourism sector with the positive initiatives that have taken root in our area, and to present success stories, while the focus of the program will be the development of active tourism in the Adriatic hinterland, which will be discussed by international experts. All those interested will be able to follow the program online, via Zoom platform.


Opening remarks:

  • Zdenko Ćosić, Prime Minister of the West Herzegovina Canton
  • Johann Sattler, Head of the Delegation of the European Union to BiH and EU Special Representative in BiH

14:20 – 15:30 Presentation of the most successful initiatives in the field of active tourism

  • Presentation of the project “Cycling rural” – Ivan Jurilj, Director of the Office of the Government of the West Herzegovina Canton for European Integration
  • “Tourism Development Promotion” – Madlina Puka, Regional Cooperation Council
  • “Development of active tourism in the Adriatic hinterland – Adriatic Canyoning” – Ivo Pavković, City of Široki Brijeg
  • “Tourism, Adrenaline and Rafting Adventure – T.A.R.A.” – Dušan Radojičić, Municipality of Plužine
  • “Cycling Cluster in Herzegovina” – Toni Zorić, Cycling Club Herzegovinabike
  • “EU4Business” – EU projects in the field of tourism – Nils Wetzel, project manager
  • “Via Dinarica” ​​- Selitana Nedera, UNDP Resident Representative in BiH
  • Active projects in the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi – Tonka Tomašević 

15:30 – 16:45  Presentation of successful European experiences in the development of active tourism

Panel participants:

  • Thomas Bullmann, Outdooractive – Europe’s largest outdoor platform (Germany)
  • Ed Lancaster, European Cyclist Federation (Belgium)
  • Jack Delf, Black Mountain Montenegro Agency (Montenegro)
  • Iva Bencun, Feral Tours Agency (Croatia)

The panel is moderated by Nedo Pinezić, a tourist advisor from Croatia.

16:45 – 17:00 Presentation of the conclusions of the panel

 If you want to join the forum program, please register at the link:


Participation in the forum is free!

Through the Tourism Development Strategy of the West Herzegovina Canton for the period 2020 – 2027, work is being done on improving the infrastructure for outdoor activities, with an emphasis on bicycle paths. The organization of such a forum represents a significant contribution to the promotion of bicycle paths in Herzegovina and helps to position Herzegovina as a desirable cycling tourist destination on European bicycle platforms.

The project “Cycling routes to improve of natural and cultural heritage of Herzegovina and Montenegro – Cycling Rural” started on October 1, 2019. and implementation will take 18 months. The total value is around 495,000 euros, of which the European Union has provided 400,000 euros in grants. The project is implemented by the Office of the Government of the West Herzegovina Canton for the European Integration, and the partners are the cities of Široki Brijeg and Ljubuški, the municipalities of Posušje and Grude, and the Tourist Organization of Herceg Novi from Montenegro.

Source: IPA CBC Bosnia and Herzegovina  – Montenegro programme website