A cross-border conference on “Improving reproductive health in order to exchange experiences, opinions, models of good practice and lessons learned” took place on 30 October and 1 November 2023 in Kolašin. It was focused on improving reproductive health, raising the level of awareness on this topic, as well as the importance of international cooperation in this area. The conference was organized as part of the project “IMPORTANT – Improving reproductive health in Montenegro and Serbia”, implemented by FORS Montenegro in cooperation with the Novi Pazar Health Center.

The conference brought together representatives of health institutions, civil society organizations, state administration, media, project partners, etc. from Montenegro and other countries. Speakers at the opening of the Conference were Ivana Živković, Director General of the Directorate for Public Health, Precursors and Cosmetic Products at the Ministry of Health of Montenegro, Nada Pejović, Head of the Directorate for Bilateral Cross-obrder Programs at the Ministry of European Affairs of Montenegro, Ervin Ćorović, Director of the Novi Pazar Health Center and Veselin Šturanović, executive director of FORS Montenegro. The speakers in the panel discussions were representatives of the Ministry of Health of Montenegro, the Institute for Public Health of Montenegro and Vojvodina, the Clinical Center of Montenegro and other health institutions, as well as representatives of civil society organizations that are active in this area. During the conference, they presented data and the situation related to reproductive health in Montenegro, Serbia and the region, prevention, detection and treatment of cervical cancer and breast cancer, examples of good practice in this area, the importance of including all segments of society in the preservation of health, etc.

Source: IPA II CBC programme Serbia – Montenegro website