The European Union financed the allocation of 30 solar systems to households from Katun settlements through the project “Katun Roads of Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina”. The agreement on the use of solar systems was signed on April 21, 2021 in the Municipality of Fojnica with the heads of rural households of Katun settlements. The delivery and installation of systems on Katun huts is planned for mid-May 2021, when users will receive professional training on their use.

This support aims to improve the quality of tourist services in Katun settlements and strengthen the capacity of the local rural population. The project plans to establish a new tourist trail that will connect Katun settlements in the vicinity of the municipalities of Fojnica, Kiseljak, Kreševo, Visoko and Konjic. Tourist signs, rest areas and viewpoints will be set up at the mentioned locations, as well as the arrangement of camping places, and training of the local population in katuns will be done for the provision of tourist services and safety in food production. Special attention will be paid to the promotion to promote the katuns as an attractive tourist location for domestic and foreign tourists.

Katuns represent a significant resource for the development of rural tourism and tourism products based on the presentation of cultural and historical heritage. They have a specific, traditional architecture, depict the uniqueness of life in the mountainous regions of Bosnia and Herzegovina and thus represent a unique experience for visitors. They are located in the most attractive areas, near the hiking trails that have been visited by an increasing number of tourists in recent years. In this way, the local population living in the katuns has the opportunity, through the provision of tourist services, such as accommodation, food tasting and the sale of traditional products, to generate additional income for their families.


Source: IPA II CBC programme Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro website