Within the project “Action to increase energy and water efficiency of water supply services”, funded by the European Union through the IPA cross-border cooperation program Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro, a training called “Academy on Improving Energy and Water Efficiency in the Water Supply Sector” was held in Herceg Novi from 7 to 10 September 2021. The academy is organised with the aim of strengthening the capacity of water supply companies for more resource efficient operations and providing the highest quality water supply services.

Representatives of water companies from the cross-border area between Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro have acquired the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to reduce water and energy losses. The development of strategies for improving water and energy efficiency creates a clear path that will lead to the achievement of set goals through effective planning and timely monitoring of the implementation of improvement measures, but the main prerequisite is a strong organizational commitment to continuous improvement of resource efficiency.

In addition to theoretical and practical knowledge, the participants exchanged numerous experiences through discussions, shared good practices and established useful contacts.

“Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro have significant potential for the use of renewable energy sources, which can provide water supply to long-term fiscal stability and security of supply. The water supply company Čajniče is currently preparing a project dedicated to the construction of a pipe turbine, and therefore we especially liked the segment of the Academy dedicated to green energy “, pointed out Lazar Stavnjak from JKP Vrelo Čajniče.

Ljiljana Psuljević from ViK Herceg Novi stated that she is happy that such events promote benchmarking, a tool that has helped to establish better cooperation between sectors within the company and prioritize problems.

With the slogan „Every drop and kilowatt are important“, the European Union has financially supported the implementation of this project to achieve long-term resource efficiency in the water supply sector, which seeks to strengthen sustainable development in over 70 municipalities and cities in the cross-border area of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Montenegro. It is implemented jointly from December 1, 2019, by the Center for Energy, Environment, and Resources – CENER 21 from Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), and the Center for Energy Efficiency from Podgorica (Montenegro) and will last for 24 months. The total budget of the project is over 305,000 euros, of which the European Union provided about 260,000 euros in grants.


Source: IPA II CBC Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro programme website