Sremska Mitrovica, October 25, 2024 – In the Imperial Palace in Sremska Mitrovica, over 20 talented women from Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina showcased their skills in crafting handiworks using the ancient technique of wool felting. This spectacle was part of Diplomatic Day within the framework of the first felting colony organized by NALED and the Ethno Network, in collaboration with the Bosnian Handicraft Association, as part of the project “Together for Cultural Tourism – Cross-border Cooperation for Improved Socio-Economic Development and Preservation of Traditional Craftsmanship” with the support of the EU.

During the colony, works inspired by the mosaics of the Imperial Palace took center stage, with Solomon’s Knot being particularly prominent. The Vice President of the Government, the President of the Coordination Body for Gender Equality, and the Minister of Culture, Maja Gojković, emphasized that this event is not only a tribute to folk creativity but also a strong incentive for empowering the economic position of women, especially in rural areas.

“Preserving cultural heritage is a priority of the cultural policy of the Republic of Serbia. This Colony confirms the importance of preserving tradition, and the support of the European Union further highlights the significance of this project,” said Gojković.

Deputy Head of the EU Delegation Plamena Halačeva added that Europe is a key destination for cultural tourism, and the EU will continue to support and promote Serbia’s cultural heritage. Canadian Ambassador Giles Norman praised the support of the Ethno Network in the economic empowerment of women and youth through the protection of cultural heritage.

The President of the Ethno Network and Executive Director of NALED, Violeta Jovanović, emphasized that the goal of the colony is to build bridges of collaboration through the joint creation of handicrafts reflecting the shared heritage of Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Source: IPA II CBC Serbia – Bosnia and Herzegovina programme website