CBIB offices

As a regional Technical Assistance project, the structure of the CBIB has been set up so as to have one main office and 4 regional offices, covering all beneficiary countries.

The operational base of the project is in Belgrade, Serbia, while regional offices are located in Tirana (Albania), Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), Struga (the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) and Kotor (Montenegro).

Head office Belgrade, Serbia

With the Team Leader and the staff of seven – 5 Junior Long-term Local Experts, a Project Officer and a Project Assistant, CBIB Belgrade office is the largest of all.

Head office is responsible for daily coordination and monitoring of project activities in all beneficiary countries, as well as in Serbia, work done by 4 Regional offices and the overall coordination of CBIB in the Western Balkans.

Most important activities carried out by the Belgrade office are:

  • enabling streamlined communication among all IPA CBC and project stakeholders in the Western Balkans and with the European Commission;
  • aggregating weekly, monthly and interim reports, and making sure that the implementation of project activities keeps in line with the ToR, Inception Report and country-specific Work Plans;
  • ensuring the efficient use of available human and financial resources;
  • providing support to the beneficiaries in all countries, either directly or in coordination with CBIB regional offices;
  • updating and upgrading the five language versions of the CBIB website;
  • preparing the CBIB Regional Newsletter and publications.

Regional office Tirana, Albania

Established at the beginning of the project, back in 2006, the regional office in Tirana is in charge of implementing and coordinating CBIB activities in Albania.

A team consisting of a Key Expert and a Junior Long-term Expert provides daily hands-on support to the institutional IPA CBC stakeholders in Albania – national operating and joint structures, as well as to the potential applicants for IPA CBC programmes.

Regional office Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Set up in 2006, the CBIB regional office in Sarajevo covers two beneficiary countries – Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia through the efforts of two team members – a Key Short-term Expert and an Office Manager.

This team of two provides hands-on support to Operating and Joint structures of both countries with issues related to programme management and implementation, as well as work in the field with the Potential Applicants.

Regional office Struga, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia

Originally, during the CBIB phase I, project activities in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia were coordinated from the office in Skopje. However, in accordance with the needs of the beneficiaries expressed during the Needs Assessment Analysis conducted at the beginning of Phase II, the CBIB office was relocated to Struga, the seat of the JTS for the programme with Albania.

The team of two experts – one Key and one Junior Long-Term, provide assistance to the beneficiaries on daily basis, as well as support the potential applicants form the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.

Regional office Kotor, Montenegro

The CBIB set up its office in Montenegro in February 2008, first in Podgorica and then in Kotor as of May 2009, after the consultations with the beneficiary in the process of Needs Assessment Analysis.

A Key and a Junior Long-Term Expert provide direct support to the beneficiaries in Montenegro, the country participating in most IPA CBC programmes with Western Balkan neighbours – four.