Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Montenegro – Albania
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Employability and social inclusion is fostered
Project start date 24-04-2018
Project end date 23-10-2019
Project total budget EUR 334.538,60
Project EU funding EUR 284.357,81
Description The overall objective of this project is to promote cross border cooperation on enhancement of employability through the empowerment of women as wage earners and job creators.

Specific objectives are:
1. To promote better linkage of vocational training with labour market demands so as to increase the skills of labour force and enhance employment opportunities;
2. To promote women’s work and products by providing conditions for their placement on the market;
3. To involve all relevant actors in facilitating women’s access in the labour market.

Main Activities are:
1. Establishment of the project management team;
2. Field research – identification of unemployment of women;
3. Info and selection meetings;
4. Trainings with women;
5. Study visit;
6. Preparation for the promotional fair;
7. Preparation and publication of a handbook with traditional recipes;
8. Organization of the promotional fair;
9. Closing conference of the project with all relevant stakeholders.

Expected results 1. Enhanced chances for employability of women (related to SP 1)
2. Enhanced capacities of women (related to SP 1)
3. Increased support for women (related to SP 2)
4. Increase of labour intensive and economic initiatives (related to SP 2)
5. Integration of cross border labour markets (related to SP 3)
6. Local authority involved working in the realization of common instruments, facilitating the process of promotion of women’s work and products in cross-border areas (related to SP 3)
Expected outputs 12 days training on Educational vocational program including computer and English courses;
30 mentoring sessions;
5-10 new initiatives on cross-border trade
5-7 different advisory modules developed on tax, registration and financial procedures
Organization of two promotional Fairs (one per each side)
5-6 companies developed new partnership within the cross-border initiatives
Organization of two study visits
Organization of 1 closing conference
Publication of handbook with local recopies 3000 copies (1500 per each side), printed and distributed
Publication of promotional catalogue, 100 copies printed and distributed
1500 fliers printed and distributed during the project activities
Lead partner Institution name: Municipality Ulcinj
Country: Montenegro
Address: Blv. Gjerg Kastrioti Skenderbeu pn, Ulcinj
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Tirana European University Centre
Country: Albania
Address: Bulevardi Gjergj Fishta, Tirana
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Monitoring Group Ulcinj – MogUL
Country: Montenegro
Address: Kodre, bb, Ulcinj
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Municipality of Mirdita
Country: Albania
Address: Bashkia, Mirditë
Legal status: Public