Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Montenegro – Albania
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective The protection of environmental resources in lake and alpine areas is furthered
Project start date 01.01.2021
Project end date 30.09.2023
Project total budget EUR 467.855,19
Project EU funding EUR 397.630,13

Overall objective: To promote protection of environmental management system in Skadar Lake cross border area

Specific objective: To support shared and coordinated hazardous chemical substances research in Skadar Lake cross border area

Main activities
A 1.1. Organization of partner institutions management and monitoring meetings
A 1.2 Definition of cooperation arrangement among project partners Development of Standard Operational Procedures (SOPs}
A 2.2. Definition/identification of the hot spots – sampling points
A2.3.Definition of specifications of bioassay tests, chemicals and consumables/Procurement
A 2.4. Definition of technical specifications of the equipment/Procurement
A 2.5. Sampling and bioassay testing
A 2.6. Data summarizing results evaluation and prioritization of the pollutants detected in the samples
A 2.7. Sampling and chemical analyses
A 2.8. Data summarizing and evaluation of obtained results
A 2.9. Assessment of chemical pollution environmental risks
A 3.1. Organizing and conducting workshops for partner institution staff­
A 3.2. Organization of joint event / meetings
A 3.3. Organization of on the job trainings for partner institution staff
A 4.1. Organization of public events aiming to raise awareness on pollution in the targeted area
A 4.2. Organization of Project final conference J
A 4.3. Promotion of visibility of project activities and results

Expected results “1. Common long-term cooperative activities agreed.
2. Environmental risk assessment of chemical pollution in the trans-boundary Skadar Jake and determination of pollution hot spots conducted
3. Capacities of partners’ institutions straightened
4. Awareness of inhabitants on chemical pollution raised
Expected outputs • 1 Chemical status of hot spots in Shkoder lake area in accordance with Water Frame Directive
• 1 innovative ways to present the monitoring results on environmental quality in place
• 1 cross border partnerships between institutions
• 4 hot spots for water quality assessment
• 3 sets of equipment purchased and functional
• 5 testing conducted
• 1 joint pilot actions on targeted area
Lead partner Institution name: Centre for Eco toxicological Research
Country: Montenegro
Address: Bulevar Šarla de Gola br. 2, Podgorica 81000
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: University of Tirana
Country: Albania
Address: Rruga e Durresit”, Nr. 23, Tirana 1001
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Association Green Centre Albania
Country: Albania
Address: Rr. “Hasan Riza Pasha”, Ndertesa Dhoma e Tregetise, Shkodër 4001
Legal status: Private