Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Employment opportunities and social inclusion of vulnerable groups are enhanced
Project start date 01-02-2018
Project end date 30-04-2020
Project total budget EUR 459.776,00
Project EU funding EUR 390.809,60
Description Overall objective: To increase the employability and the employment opportunities for PWDs in the cross-border area
Specific objectives:
SO1 – To increase the employability of PWDs in the cross-border area through the activation of more efficient systems for developing competences and professional skills
SO2 – To increase the number of employment opportunities for PWDs offered by potential employers (CSOs, companies, public institutions)
SO3 – To establish a more functional institutional framework in BiH and Montenegro for the employment of PWDs, by strengthening the dialogue between CSOs, companies and public institutions
SO4 – To develop a proper environment for the employment of PWDs by reducing the stigma in the society and by increasing the knowledge about possibilities and benefits within the existing legislative framework
Project activities include development of curricula for professional employment and employability of persons with disabilities, organization of training, internship, mentoring as well as online service for career guidance. A number of information and promotion activities are planned as well, such as organization of round tables, conferences and meetings with educational institutions.
Expected results R1 – Employability of PWDs increased (9 curricula for employment and employability of PWDs, 30 PWDs trained and/or mentored, 2000 hours of mentorship provided)
R2 – New employment opportunities for PWDs have been offered (20 Internships activated, 3 Self Employment initiatives supported, 25 PWDs employed)
R3 – Development of better ecosystem for work inclusion of PWDs, both at institutional and business level (15 meetings with institutions, CSOs and companies working with PWDs, 1 Joint Job Fair for employment and employability of PWDs, 2 Media campaigns)
Expected outputs 1.1) Development of 4 curricula for professional employment of PWDs,
1.2) Development of 5 curricula for employability (competences) of PWDs,
1.3) Delivery of 4 trainings for PWDs,
1.4) Activation of a mentorship system for employability of PWDs,
1.5) Development of online service for careers guidance
2.1) Activation of 20 Internships for PWDs,
2.2) Support to 3 Self Employment business for PWDs
3.1) Dialogue for matching needs and resources among CSOs, companies and institutions (2 local researches, 4 round tables, 1 joint conference, 2 policy recommendations),
3.2) Activation of process to formalize the curricula for PWDs (10 meetings)
4.1) Promotion of 2 media campaigns in the region for dissemination of best practices and information about legislative framework,
4.2) Joint Job Fair for employment and employability of PWDs.
Lead partner Institution name: Diocese of Budimlje and Niksic
Country: Montenegro
Address: Manastir Djurdjevi Stupovi, b.b., Berane
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Museum of Polimje Montenegro
Country: Montenegro
Address: Miloša Mališića 3, Berane
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Albania Community Assist
Country: Albania
Address: Mujo Ulqinaku, Pall. Ndertus 10, Sjk. 2, Ap. 48, Tirana
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Institute for Archeology, Centre for Albanian Studies
Country: Albania
Address: Sheshi “Nënë Tereza”, nr. 3, Tirana
Legal status: Public