Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Montenegro – Kosovo
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Improve the wastewater and solid waste management and sustainable use of resources
Project start date 01.02.2023
Project end date 01.12.2024
Project total budget EUR 479.027,23
0Project EU funding EUR 399.937,23
Description Overall objective:
To contribute to the protection of environment through strategically oriented approach in local communities in Montenegro and Kosovo.
Specific objective of the project:
To strengthen capacities of local stakeholders to establish effective model of solid waste management in Tuzi and Pejë based on citizens’ participatory approach.
The foreseen activities within the project are:
1.1 Drafting process of SWM Plans in both municipalities
1.2 Public debate on developed draft SWM Plans in both municipalities
1.3 1.3 SWM plans finalization and submission/adoption by local assemblies in Tuzi and Pejë
2.1 Training programme on the concept of zero waste management for employees of PUCs
2.2 Development and utilisation of effective communication e-tools and systems in solid waste management
2.3 Procurement and installation of adequate equipment for collecting/recycling solid waste
2.4 Selection, cleaning and greening of illegal landfills
2.5 Establishing the cross-border solid waste e-market
3.1 Conducting quarterly coordination meetings and internal/external project evaluation
3.2 Educational sessions in primary and secondary school on importance waste disposal/environment protection
3.3 Educational sessions for agriculture producers
3.4 Effective campaign related to waste disposal/environmental protection.
Expected results Expected results of the project are:
1. Solid Waste Management Plans developed in citizen participatory approach in both municipalities;
2. Capacities of PUCs for providing services improved;
3. Awareness on zero waste concept raised and project results promoted
Expected outputs “Expected project outputs are:
– Two two-day workshops organized FOR 10 persons from MNE and 10 persons from KOS organized for SWM plan development;
– Two SWM plans drafted (1 for Tuzi & 1 for Pejë), finalized and submitted/approved by each local assembly;
– One public debate session organized in Tuzi, with minimum 30 participants and one public debate session organized in Pejë, with minimum 40 participants organized;
– Two (2) two-day trainings on ZWC organized for 40 PUCs employees;
– PUCs web sites improved and two digital platforms for each PUC developed;
– Two sets of containers, purchased and installed;
– Two sets of plastic bags for households purchased;
– Two sets of big capacity plastic trash cans for 4 different types of waste purchased and delivered to Institutions;
– One Scale for tracks purchased and installed;
– One set of Cleaning & Maintenance tools purchased;
– Twenty (10+10) illegal landfills selected, cleaned and greened;
– Two (1+1) recycling yards established;
– One joint cross-border solid waste e-market developed and 40 SMEs from Montenegro and Kosovo within program territory included in order to get data for solid waste e-market;
– Two (2) persons employed for collecting data for the cross-border solid waste e-market;
– One MoU signed by 12 institutions/companies from Kosovo and Montenegro program territory;
– 24 (12+12) education sessions held in schools in Tuzi and 600 pupils and teachers (300 Pejë + 300 Tuzi) educated in importance of waste disposal/environment protection;
– Two educational sessions held (1+1) with 40 agriculture producers attended educational sessions (20+20);
– Campaign related to waste disposal/environmental protection implemented and promotional material produced.”
Lead partner Institution name: Municipality of Tuzi
Country: Montenegro
Address: Tuzi bb 81206
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Municipality of Peja/Peć
Country: Kosovo*
Address: Pejë/Peć St. Hasan Prishtina 30000
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Municipality of Peja/Peć

Country: Montenegro
Address: Muha Dizdarevića 8 Bijelo Polje 84000
Legal status: Public

*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence