Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Montenegro – Albania
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective The competitiveness of the tourism sector is enhanced by the economic valorisation of the cultural and natural heritage
Project start date 06-04-2018
Project end date 06-11-2020
Project total budget EUR 439.179,02
Project EU funding EUR 373.258,25
Description Overall objective of the project is – To enhance the competitiveness of the tourism sector by the economic valorisation of the cultural and natural heritage

Specific objective is to include local gastronomy into overall tourism offer of the cross-border area

Project activities are:
1.1 Field research to discover old, traditional recipes
1.2 Standardization of old recipes for utilization in local hotels and restaurants (including capacity building for restaurants and hotels staff)
1.3 Development of guidebook on local cuisine
1.4 Branding of local restaurants offering traditional dishes
2.1 Development of gastronomy routes (selection of rural families to be included in gastronomy routes, set-up of signalization)
2.2 Set-up of tasting areas at points along the gastronomy routes
2.3 Capacity building of local families included in the route (trainings on how to serve and interpret dishes, packaging and labeling of products)
2.4 Development of brochure and website on gastronomy routes
3.1 Involvement of project participants into Slow Food network (slow food branding, participation at fairs)
3.2 Development of promotional video on local cuisine
3.3 Organization of promotional events
3.4 Organization of familiarization trip for targeted audience

Expected results 1. Traditional local recipes included in the offer of local tourism industry
2. Thematic, gastronomy routes created
3. Local gastronomy offer promoted and marketed
Expected outputs • 270 notebooks – which will be used for all capacity building activities, presentations, farm trip, promotional events.
• 270 pens – same as notebooks
• 200 file folders – same as notebooks.
• 2 roll-ups – for all public appearances of the project, for clear communication regarding the donors and implementing partners.
• 170 EU stickers for all goods procured under the project.
• 500 T-shirts
• 70 key holders
• 100 individuals interviewed to collect old recipes, at least 50 recipes collected.
• 30 old, traditional recipes preserved,
• 50 restaurants, hotels and rural tourism providers included in capacity building activity,
• 6 training sessions held.
• 2000 Montenegrin/English guidebooks and 2000 Albanian/Montenegrin guidebooks designed, printed and distributed.
• 11 billboard promoting local gastronomy set up,
• 50 SMEs branded as providers of local, traditional dishes,
• 5000 fliers designed and printed (100pcs per each branded SMEs),
• 500 menus designed and printed.
• 40 rural families selected for their products to be on gastronomy route,
• 4 thematic, gastronomy routes created, signalization set-up on all 4 routes.
• 20 families have upgraded conditions for receiving guests for tasting of their products,
• 30 families have better packaging and labeling of their products.
• 1 training curriculum developed, 40 families trained in providing quality rural tourism service.
• 4000 copies of brochures prepared, designed and printed,
• 2 websites dedicated to gastronomy as tourism offer
• 30 beneficiaries of this project included in Slow Food network, at least four products prepared for arch of taste list.
• Videos promotion for local cuisine produced, 30 minutes duration in total
• 2 cross-border gastro fairs organized, 60 producers attending fairs,
• 2 International fairs attended,
• 3000 people reached out to via promotional events.
• 10 gourmet journalist, tour operators and food bloggers participating in a familiarization trip
• 5 reports on this trip published promoting Montenegro and Albania as destination for food travel.
Lead partner Institution name: Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletje
Country: Montenegro
Address: IV crnogorske brigade 40, Berane
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: National Tourism Organisation of Montenegro
Country: Montenegro
Address: Ul. Omladinskih brigade 7, Podgorica
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Eco-Partners for Sustainable Development
Country: Albania
Address: Str “ Ismail Qemali” Pall 2K Ap No 25/B, Trana
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Municipality of Puka
Country: Albania
Address: Str “ Sheshi Terbuni”, Puka
Legal status: Public