Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Bosnia and Herzegovina – Montenegro
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective The quality and diversification of the tourism offer building on natural and cultural heritage is improved
Project start date 01-01-2018
Project end date 30-06-2019
Project total budget EUR 331.712,56
Project EU funding EUR 281.491,28
Description Overall objective: To develop functional inter-sector cooperation and linkage of cultural/historical/natural heritage and tourism in Cross-border (CB) area of Bosnia and Herzegovina (BA) and Montenegro
Specific objective: To create and promote joint cross border touristic products through encouraging partnerships in culture and tourism and rehabilitating neglected cultural and historical heritage in Trebinje/Bileća (BA) and Nikšić/Plužine (MNE)
Project activities include research and analysis activities in relation tourist potential of the area, creation of new tourism offers, capacity building activities (trainings, workshops, round tables), development of joint plan related to tourism development, procurement of equipment as well as information/promotion activities (organization of events, production of promotion material, etc.).
Expected results 1.1. Valuable cultural/historical heritage locations and objects of 4 project municipalities, including more than 40 sites out of which over 20  of those neglected and unutilized, mapped and pointed up as a joint CB tradition and part of mutual offer;
1.2. Cultural/historical heritage of CB area widely promoted, at least 3 Cross-border joint Tourism Offers/Products created;
1.3. Increased level of sustainable management of cultural/natural heritage in cross-border area, by creation of 1 joint realistic plan for protection of cultural/natural goods, establishment of  functional steering structure and strengthened capacities of local and cross-border partnerships;
1.4. Two rehabilitated cultural heritage goods in both countries;
1.5. Project and its results widely promoted in public (printed, digital and video mechanisms).
Expected outputs The documentation on identified, analysed and described cultural, historical and natural locations & sites delivered to the project team and available
3 newly developed joint CB tourist routes offered by tour operators from CB area linked by the project into 1 informal cluster
1 joint Plan for standardised and sustainable management of cultural/historical/natural objects/locations/objects developed, presented and available for potential replication
4 tourist organizations from project municipalities linked into informal cluster
2 CB cultural/historical heritage goods (boats and docks in BiH and MNE) rehabilitated, promoted as new CB tourist product and open for visitors in CB area
More than 100.000 people informed about the project, its results and donor through successful realization of promotional campaign which included 3 media conferences, facebook page, 1000 leaflets, 500 posters, 8 billboards, 3300 promo brochures for new tourist routes, 400 calendars
Lead partner Institution name: Diocese of Budimlje and Niksic
Country: Montenegro
Address: Manastir Djurdjevi Stupovi, b.b., Berane
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Museum of Polimje Montenegro
Country: Montenegro
Address: Miloša Mališića 3, Berane
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Albania Community Assist
Country: Albania
Address: Mujo Ulqinaku, Pall. Ndertus 10, Sjk. 2, Ap. 48, Tirana
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Institute for Archeology, Centre for Albanian Studies
Country: Albania
Address: Sheshi “Nënë Tereza”, nr. 3, Tirana
Legal status: Public