Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – North Macedonia
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Fostering joint risk management systems of natural and cultural sites, as well as human settlements, including disaster or emergency preparedness
Project start date 01.02.2021
Project end date 31.07.2022
Project total budget EUR 253.025,63
Project EU funding EUR 215.697,77
Description Overall objective: Enhanced capacities for management hazards, protection of environment, pollution of soil, water and improvement of living standards of the population in the targeted cross-border area.
Specific objectives: Increased capacities for managing manmade risks and hazards related to solid waste disposal and protection of the environment; and Improved capacities and institutional approach for better services related to organized waste collection, awareness raising of the citizens on the consequences regarding pollution and mitigation of infectious diseases.Main project activities:
Activity 1: Project management & Project Team
Activity 2: Supply of equipment -2 Vehicles (trucks) for collection and transportation of solid waste
Activity 3: Supply of equipment – large and midsize containers for disposal of solid waste
Activity 4: GIS Platform
Activity 5: Study Visits
Activity 6: Cleaning of illegal dumpsites
Activity 7: Awareness raising campaign & Communication and visibility plan
Activity 8: Preparation of Local Environmental Action Plan (LEAP) for Preshevo and updating of the existing LEAP for Lipkovo
Activity 9: Final Event
Expected results The project will provide sizeable impact on joint sustainable utilization of measures for decreasing waste collection, improved access to rural remote areas and settlements with difficult accessibility, as well as increasing capacities for improved public communal services.
1. Increased capacities for organized collection of solid waste in the remote rural areas;
2. Supporting relevant stakeholders in networking, transfer of knowledge (know-how) and sharing experiences;
3. Increased awareness among population on the consequences regarding pollution and illegal waste disposal;
4. Institutional setup and improved capacities for better provision of communal related services
Expected outputs Number of strategies and action plans adopted on prevention and mitigation of manmade hazards and natural disasters
Prepared Local Environmental Action Plan for Lipkovo & Preshevo (joint document), organized and structured in electronic format.
Percentage of population benefiting from emergency preparedness and risk prevention measures.
With the supply of vehicles and containers, 4 villages (2 on each side) – 200 households (1000 inhabitants) that previously were not part of the organized system for solid waste collection in the remote rural areas.
Additional 6 settlements (3 on each side) – 300 households (1500 inhabitants villages in the rural areas that are part of the organized system for solid waste collection.
Percentage of population in the eligible area has been reached by an information campaign.
With the awareness campaign the information will be distributed to 27.085 inhabitants in Lipkovo(census 2002). According to recent data (calculation 2018) the total number of inhabitants are 30.294. The information in Preshevo with be spread to inhabitants (census 2002)
Lead partner Institution name: Municipality of Lipkovo
Country: North Macedonia
Address: Lipkovo, Lipkovo
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Public Utility Company “Moravica”
Country: Serbia
Address: Cemalj Selju bb, Preševo
Website: N/A
Legal status: Public