Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Montenegro – Albania
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective The protection of environmental resources in lake and alpine areas is furthered
Project start date 01.02.2023
Project end date 01.08.2024
Project total budget EUR 300.420,00
0Project EU funding EUR 255.357,00
Description Overall objective:
Encourage sustainable development in cross border area to reduce pollution and increase valorisation of integrated environmental protection.
Specific objective:
Improved waste management system and environmental protection in the target communities in Montenegro and Albania..
The foreseen activities within the project are:
1.1 Assessment on the actual waste management system;
1.2 Equipment
1.3 CB trainings;
1.4 Workshops;
1.5. Data base development;
1.6. Cross border visits among utility companies.
2.1 “Eco generations” initiative;
2.2 School environmental action plans (EAPS),
2.3 CB “School Waste Program” competition;
3.1 Lectures for local communities;
3.2 Awareness raising and community actions;
3.3 Web site & smart phone platform development;
3.4 Regional stakeholders meetings
Expected results Expected results of the project are:
R1 – Improved technical and personnel capacity of waste management local units;
R2 – Improved knowledge, attitude and skills of pupils on integrated environmental protection & Circular Economy;
R3 – Population familiarised with waste management, Circular Economy goals.
Expected outputs Expected project outputs are:
– needs assessment of the environmental state and methods of waste management in Municipalities Gusinje and Puka conducted;
– Procurement of equipment for environmental protection, waste collection and management (Gusinje: 5 sets of communication mobile units/digital radio station, protecting clothes for PUC staff, 5 sets (jacket, pants), garbage containers (5 in MNE), garbage bins for separate waste disposal (16 in MNE), 1 solar bench, 1 garbage truck; Puka: 1 garbage truck, protecting clothes for PUC staff, 5 sets (jacket, pants), garbage containers (8 in ALB), garbage bins for separate waste disposal (16 in ALB), 1 solar bench);
– 2 two day trainings organized and 20 waste management workers trained on waste management techniques, familiarised with national legislative, best practices from EU countries;
– two 2 days workshops organized and 20 participants increased level of knowledge, skills and attitude on sustainable development principles, waste management, and green/circular economy.
– Two Local Data Base/Statistics developed in electronic form for Municipalities Gusinje and Puka on waste and waste management;
– two cross border visits among local utilities and local authorities in order to exchange know-how, improve neighbourly relations and present best practices in the waste management sector;
– “Eco generations” joint initiative conducted in primary school in Gusinje and in primary school in Puka (cleaning of school yards, planting of flowers, production of humus/composting, ecological research and experiments, visits to local companies dealing with waste, visit to local environmental departments/centres, developing of environmental campaign in cooperation with project team, etc);
– Organization of 4 creative/art workshop for pupils;
– 10 lectures organised for elementary students on environmental protection;
– Development of 2 Environmental Action Plans for Schools (EAPS);
– Launching of joint cross-border “School Waste Program” competition for 7th and 8th grade primary school pupils in Gusinje and Puka (writing an Essay on specific topic related environmental protection.);
– 8 lectures conducted in both countries for local communities on environmental protection activities;
– Awareness raising campaign conducted, promotional material produced and disseminated;
– 6 illegal/improper dump sites cleaned;
– 2 two-day cleaning activities organized in both countries;
– smart phone platform to enable citizens to directly report about pollution on local level developed;
– the website section on JEPA project developed in partners websites;
– 2 stakeholders group established and 8 meetings organised during the project;
– MoU among partners (partner municipalities and Utility Companies) from MNE and ALB on environmental actions developed and signed.
Lead partner Institution name: Municipality of Gusinje
Country: Montenegro
Address: St Carsijska 28, Gusinje 84326
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Municipality of Pukë
Country: Albania
Address: Sheshi “Gjergj Kastrioti (Skënderbeu)”, Pukë 4401
Legal status: Public