Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Montenegro – Albania
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective The protection of environmental resources in lake and alpine areas is furthered
Project start date 25-04-2018
Project end date 24-10-2020
Project total budget EUR 469.816,92
Project EU funding EUR 399.215,22
Description Overall objective: To contribute to the environmental protection in Montenegro and Albania, through a more efficient waste management (reduction, separation and recycling).

Specific objective: Improved efficiency of the waste management system in the target areas, raised awareness of the population and strengthened capacity of public institutions for a proper waste collection in the Municipalities of Berane and Malesi e Madhe.

1. 1. Partner meetings and MoU signing;
1. 2. Cross-border trainings for employees in public institutions;
1.3. Lectures for employees in public institutions;
2.1. Promotional campaign;
2.2. Lectures for Primary school children;
2.3. Photo competition;
2.4. Meetings and workshop in local communities;
2.5. Environmental actions of High school children;
3.1. Realization of a pilot project for two types of waste (dry and wet component) selection;
3.2. Collaboration with the members of communal police in this field;
3.3. Signing of MoU with relevant stakeholders;
3.4. Equipment for Utility Company and/or Communal police;
3.5. Green islands.

Expected results R1. The technical capacity of institutions in dealing with environment issues in target region is strengthened;
R2. The level of awareness of citizens in cross border region regarding the benefits of proper waste collection is improved; R3. A functioning system of differentiated waste collection in target region is established.
Expected outputs • Cross-border training for 30 employees in public institutions dealing with waste management;
• Lectures to children in primary schools (at least 200 students) on the importance of environmental protection and selective waste;
• Environmental actions and promotional campaigns in High schools;
• Pilot project implementation for two types of waste selection (dry and wet component) – 2000 citizens will use dry and wet waste containers;
• Cooperation with members of the communal police in this area and purchase of equipment for the utility company and communal police – procurement of 2 smaller waste disposal trucks and a vehicle;
• Construction of 16 green islands – procurement of 64 containers, 4 on each island and arrangement of them through space adaptation and procurement of plants;
• Signing memorandums of cooperation with companies and other stakeholders to take over separate waste;
Lead partner Institution name: Municipality Berane
Country: Montenegro
Address: IV Crnogorske 1, Berane
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: VIS Albania
Country: Albania
Address: Don Bosko, Pal Grapshi 2/4/2, Tirana
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Municipality Malesi e Madhe
Country: Montenegro
Address: Koplik-Center, Malesi e Madhe
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: CARITAS Montenegro
Country: Montenegro
Address: Popovići 98b, Bar, Montenegro
Legal status: Private