Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Montenegro – Albania
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective The competitiveness of the tourism sector is enhanced by the economic valorisation of the cultural and natural heritage
Project start date 02-05-2018
Project end date 01-05-2021
Project total budget EUR 257.848,60
Project EU funding EUR 216.592,82
Description Overall objective is to contribute to improving living standards of cross border area between ME-AL through encouraging the specific tourism offers.

Specific objective is to enhance economic valorization of potential in cross border area between ME-AL true promotion and lunch of joint tourism product based on child friendly concept and inter-sectorial cooperation.

Project activities are:
1.1 Development of educational material for Child Friendly Tourism based on EU best practice.
1.2 Joint qualitative research in the cross border area about content of the offer, analysis of demand and offer.
1.3 Expert analysis of the potential of cross border area for Child Friendly Tourism.
1.4 Modular Training for successful development of joint tourism product.
1.5 Cross border Conference, closing event – perspective of Child Friendly Tourism in the cross border region.
2.1 Networking activities at Cross border level: exchange of experience, know-how among experts;
2.2 Basic standards development for various child friendly facilities.
2.3 Regional knowledge exchange workshops for merging potentials (restaurants, touristic organization, accommodation, CSO’s and so on) and identification of natural heritage significant fir binding the offer.
2.4 Setting up coordination committee for development child friendly offers
2.5 Interventions in the community in both countries and purchase of the missing equipment and furnishing that will complement content essential for child friendly tourism
3.1 Creating a new tourism Brand in the border area (completed tourist product made in cooperation between two communities in the border area).
3.2 Definition of Joint Communication Strategy, dissemination plan and marketing plan.
3.3 Visibility event on national level and in the cross-border regions. 3.4 Website for join touristic offer.
3.5 Presentation of child friendly offers to the Tourist Markets in the region.

Expected results 1. Representatives of tourism industry and CSO’s from cross border region are educated and interconnected on development of new offer in community based tourism.
2. Tourist association, CSOs and other key tourism stakeholders in developing Child Friendly Tourism developed joint package of new touristic offer.
3. Joint activities focused on developing Child Friendly Tourism offer as innovative tourist products in cross border region are promoted.
Expected outputs • 150 of organizations, and 5000 citizens informed and sensitized for innovative cross-border tourist offer
• 80 copies of training curriculum and manual developed, designed and printed
• 4 network meetings
• 4 coordination meetings
• 4 Regional knowledge exchange workshops with at least 120 participants
• 2 Modular Training for successful development of joint tourism product
• 1 training for Development of tourism products organized
• 1 training for Setting-up, presentation and promotion of the new products organized
• 6 Interventions in the communities (3 per each country)
• 5 media reports covering project activities
• 1 New touristic Brand developed
• Child friendly offers is presented at 3 Tourist Markets
• 1 Website for join touristic offer is created
• 1 Joint Communication Strategy, dissemination plan and marketing plan are created
• 4 public visibility events
• 1 Closing Conference
Lead partner Institution name: Association for Democratic Prosperity – ZID
Country: Montenegro
Address: 32 Gojka Radonjića
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Center “CHILDREN TODAY”
Country: Albania
Address: “TishDahia”,Pallati “Eurobiznes”, Kati 2, Ap. 3
Legal status: Private