Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Serbia – North Macedonia
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Skills improvement and creation of employment opportunities in perspective sectors
Project start date 01.06.2021
Project end date 31.08.2022
Project total budget EUR 188.713,65
Project EU funding EUR 160.406,60
Description Overall Objective- Greater involvement of young people in starting their own entrepreneurship through a sustainable social program in border area between Serbia and North Macedonia
Specific Objective- Supporting young people to develop their own potentials to start social entrepreneurship by educating and testing ideas in practice
Activity 1.1 Equipping Centers for development of professional capacities of young people in Serbia and North Macedonia
Activity 2.1: Developing Handbook on social entrepreneurship for young people and future entrepreneur
Activity 3.1: Organization and implementation of training for teachers
Activity 3.2: Organization and implementation of training on social entrepreneurship for youth 15-24 age
Activity 4.1:Organizing a competition/visits in order to exchange experiences, ideas, test knowledge social entrepreneurship and getting to know region
Activity 5.1: Development and launch two social enterprises in Vranje and Kumanovo in order to create condition that students have opportunity to engage practice and solve social problems
Activity 6.1: Organization and implementation of Round tables in Vranje and Kumanovo
Activity 6.2: Organization and implementation of Panel about social entrepreneurship in Vranje and Kumanovo
Activity 7.1:Creating a common WEB education and market portal to enable promotion and increase cooperation between CB region
Activity 8.1: Conducting market research on current situation of social entrepreneurship in CB region, CB region, analyze the impact of social attitudes and existing legal policies
Activity 9.: Project visibility activities (development of promotional material)
Activity 3.2.2: Development of interactive interpretation system via QR codes and equipping tourist attractions with QR codes
Activity 3.2.3: Development of common multilingual touristic guidebook
Activity 3.2.4: Purchase of visibility material
Activity 3.3.1: Collaborative workshop for tour operators/touristic agencies
Activity 3.3.2: Exchange and dissemination workshop
Expected results – Educational material is used by relevant professionals and civil society organization who would like to take similar course of the action
– Teachers and young people are using knowledge and skills developed during the project
– Cooperation between project partners and networking of stakeholders remains to function
– Social enterprises established during the project continues to produce services /goods with the Social value
– Centers for Innovative Development of Social entrepreneurship provides services and are well used in cities in  Vranje and Kumanovo
– young people are equipped with the skills and knowledge for self-employment and continues to seek for the opportunities
Expected outputs 1: Two Centers for Innovation development of social entrepreneurship established and equipped
2: Handbook “Fundamentals of social entrepreneurship” developed and disseminated to all target group and interested parties
3:Training for teachers and young people (15-24 age) for raising capacity of social entrepreneurship organized and delivered
4: Two cross-border competition/visits organized
5:Two social enterprises established
6: A model of social entrepreneurship presented to all stakeholders through public debates
7:A common on-line web portal for social entrepreneurship developed and launched
8:Analysis of environment for development of social entrepreneurship conducted
9:Visibility activities properly implemented
Lead partner Institution name: School of Economics and Commerce
Country: Serbia
Address: Esperanto bb, Vranje
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Center for Regional Cooperation and sustainable development “Eko Balkan”
Country: Serbia
Address: Zivkovci bb, Zivkovci
Website: N/A
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Pero Nakov Secondary Municipal School
Country: North Macedonia
Address: Mosa Pijade bb, Kumanovo
Legal status: Public