Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Montenegro – Albania
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective The competitiveness of the tourism sector is enhanced by the economic valorisation of the cultural and natural heritage
Project start date 01.02.2023
Project end date 01.08.2025
Project total budget EUR 495.000,00
0Project EU funding EUR 420.750,00
Description Overall objective:
Contribute to development of tourism, culture and heritage in Montenegro and Albania.
Specific objective:
Improved, widely acknowledged and promoted cross border culture heritage of Bar and Tropoje through the creation of modern tourism presentation.
The foreseen activities within the project are:
1.1: Kick off meeting
1.2: Workshop for tourism management on experience of EU projects on adaptation of cultural heritage and use of modern tools for visualization
1.3: Implement physical interventions to revitalise/improve accessibility of two cultural heritages
1.4 Promotional events organized in order to promote revitalized heritages in Bar and Tropoje2.1: Design, develop and place vertical signs, interpretation panels for the revitalised cultural routes
2.2: 2 Digital maps for the revitalised cultural routes installed
2.3: Two new guidelines developed and printed
2.4: Two new touristic offers developed
2.5: One joint touristic offer created – joint web platform

3.1: Collecting of historical material and production of 3D drawings
3.2: Production of video and audio material for Augmented Reality
3.2: Purchasing of software and two sets of equipment for Augmented Reality system and installing Augmented Reality system

4.1: Two cross border story-telling seminar – Interpretation content of the revitalised cultural route of the Old Town Bar and Tropoje
4.2: Cross-border workshop in the field of tourism management in order to adopt new touristic offers
4.3: Two new itineraries developed
4.4: Final conference with stakeholders and signing of MoU between partners
4.5: Media campaign

Expected results Expected results of the project are:
1. Restauration/Revitalisation and adaptive reuse of one cultural heritage site in Bar and one in Tropoje (Old City of Bar and The “”Bajram Curri”” Museum)
2. New tourism routes created: The cultural routes signage and interpretation in Bar and Tropoje are in place and improved
3. New touristic offers created: fortresses of Tropoje and Bar presented in Augmented Reality system
4. Relevant stakeholders from Bar and Tropoje, are trained in the field of adaptive reuse of cultural heritage buildings, interpretation of heritage sites and new touristic offers are presented to the wider population
Expected outputs Expected project outputs are:
– Kick off meeting organized;
– 1 cross-border workshop with 10 participants organized on the experience of EU projects on adaptation of cultural heritage and use of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in promotion of sites;
– 2 cultural heritages revitalized in the Old Town Bar in Montenegro and in the “”Bajram Curri”” Museum in Tropoje in Albania;
– 2 promotional events organized in order to promote revitalized heritages in Bar and Tropoje;
– the new touristic offer created;
– at least 20 vertical signs placed, 2 digital maps for the revitalised cultural routes;
– Two new guidelines developed;
– 2 new products developed (AR systems in use);
– joint web platform developed;
– 10 3D drawings created based on the technical drawings, existing sketches, photographs and other relevant historical material;
– Production of 2 animated video and 2 guidelines audio materials for Augmented reality for two heritage sites;
– 2 sets of equipment and 2 joint software procured for Augmented reality system;
– 2 new itineraries developed;
– 2 cross-border seminars and 1 cross-border workshop organized;
– Final conference organized;
Lead partner Institution name: Foundation for Local Autonomy and Governance
Country: Albania
Address: Rr.”Brigada 8″, Pall. 6/2. Kati IV, Tirana 1000
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Municipality of Bar
Country: Montenegro
Address: Bulevar Revolucije bb, Bar 85000
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Municipality of Shkodra
Country: Albania
Address: Rr.13 Dhjetori, No. 1, Shkodër 4001
Legal status: Public