Project funding EU
Project website N/A
Programme website Montenegro – Kosovo*
Contribution to the Programme’s specific objective Improve the volume, quality and visibility of tourism related to valorisation of cultural and natural heritage and values
Project start date 01-02-2019
Project end date 01-02-2021
Project total budget EUR 424.724,73
Project EU funding EUR 360.994,40
Description The overall objective: improve the volume, quality and visibility of tourism.

The specific objective is to strengthen cross-border zone of Prokletije as outdoor destination.

The foreseen activities within the project are:
1.1.1.Set up of hiking, biking, thematic trails and rock climbing sites to connect the important existing trails on both sides and create cross-border network of trails;
1.2 Setting up 20 of bicycle parking areas in Prokletije/Bjeshket e Nemuna area;
1.3 Equipping of outdoor trails with viewpoints, resting points and water signage;
2.1.Collecting GPS logs of all the marked trails in cross-border area along with waypoints for various services provided on the trails (meals, accommodation, camping, bike repair, rental of equipment, cultural sites etc.) and development of maps with all this information;
2.2 Printing of maps and set-up of info boards with maps throughout the cross-border zone to ensure appropriate level of information for tourists for their increased safety and improved orientation in wilderness;
2.3 Development of Android and IOS applications with all the outdoor information included;
2.4 Development of cross-border web portal with all relevant outdoor offer of Prokletije included;
3.1 Setting up billboards in targeted area to promote outdoor offer of the zone;
3.2 Development of promotional materials for targeted zone (flyers, video);
3.3 Organisation of cross-border Outdoor fairs (involving tourism agencies, outdoor clubs, equipment providers etc.).

Expected results R1: Improved outdoor tourism infrastructure
R2: Standardized cross-border information made available for tourists and tourism agencies
R3: Promotional activities to increase visibility of targeted zone as outdoor destination.
Expected outputs • 300 km long network of trails developed, 2 thematic trails established, 1 rockclimbing site set up;
• 10 bicycle parking spots set up in Montenegro and 10 in Kosovo;
• 50 water signs installed, 50 resting points setup, 30 viewpoints signposted;
• At least 20 trails uploaded on maps, GPS data collected for at least ICQ service providers, Electronic maps for Kosovo and Montenegro updated, 3 GPS devices procured;
• 4000 maps printed, 50 information boards installed in cross-border area;
• Two mobile phone applications developed (Android and ICS), I web portal developed;
• 6 billboards placed in Prokletije/Bjeshket e Namuna region;
• 5000 flyers printed, 1 promotional video developed, 4000 brochures, 6 interactive display;
• 2 cross-border fairs arranged, 100 exhibitors, 1000 visitors, at least 10 media reports on events.
Lead partner Institution name: Regional Development Agency for Bjelasica, Komovi and Prokletije
Country: Montenegro
Address: IV Crnogorske brigade 40, Berane
Legal status: Private
Partner Institution name: Regional Development Agency – West
Country: Kosovo*
Address: Çarshija e gjate nn, Pejë/Peć
Legal status: Public
Partner Institution name: Municipality of Peja/Pec
Country: Kosovo*
Address: Mbreteresha Teuta 59, Pejë/Peć
Legal status: Public
*This designation is without prejudice to positions on status, and is in line with UNSCR 1244 and the ICJ Opinion on the Kosovo declaration of independence