Operating Structures


The implementation of the cross-border programme will operate through an Operating Structure (OS) (Art 139 IPA Implementing Regulation) that will be appointed in each country.

The OS of each country will co-operate closely in the programming and implementation of the relevant cross-border programmes establishing common co-ordination mechanisms. The OS are responsible for the implementation of the programme in their respective countries.


The Operating Structures are, inter–alia, responsible for:



  • Preparing the cross-border programme in accordance with Article 91 IPA Implementing Regulation;
  • Preparing the programme amendments to be discussed in the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC);
  • Nominate their representatives to the JMC;
  • Setting up of the Joint Technical Secretariat (Art. 139.4 IPA Implementing Regulation) and guiding its work;
  • Preparing and implementing the strategic decisions of the JMC, where necessary with the support of the Joint Technical Secretariat;
  • Reporting to the respective NIPAC/IPA–Component II co-ordinators on all aspects concerning the implementation of the programme;
  • Establish a system, assisted by the JTS, for gathering reliable information on the programme’s implementation and provide data to the JMC, the IPA–Component II coordinator and the Commission;
  • Ensuring the quality of the implementation of the cross-border programme together with the Joint Monitoring Committee;
  • Ensuring that grant beneficiaries make adequate provisions for project progress and financial reporting (monitoring) and sound financial management (control);
  • Sending to the Commission and the respective national IPA co-ordinators the annual report and the final report on the implementation of the cross-border programme after examination by the JMC;
  • Organising information and publicity-actions with a view to awareness raising of the opportunities provided by the Cross–border Programme, or mandating the JTS to support these or to carry them out;
  • Carry out monitoring – where necessary with the support of the Joint Technical Secretariat – by reference to the indicators referred to in Article 94(1)(d) IPA Implementing Regulation;