As part of the support for the introduction of the concept of sustainable solid waste management, the Municipality of Gusinje procured 30 containers and 15 bins for waste disposal, which will contribute to a more beautiful appearance of the town.
This procurement is very important for the Utility company because the new utility containers will replace the old ones, and they will also be placed at new locations in the inner town zone and the surrounding rural settlements.

The value of the procurement of containers and bins was 8,700 EUR, and the procurement was realized with the help of the European Union within the project “Bringing in sustainable waste management – BinS” which is realized within the Cross-border Cooperation Programme Serbia – Montenegro 2014 – 2020. The Project is implemented in partnership with the Utility Company “Vrela” from Sjenica.

In addition to this procurement, the project also supported the procurement of a new truck for the collection and disposal of municipal waste, as well as a set of activities aimed at protecting the environment, introducing a sustainable waste management system and composting promotion.

The Utility Company and the Municipality of Gusinje appealed to the citizens of Gusinje to behave more responsibly when it comes to waste disposal and to protect their environment.


Source: IPAP II CBC programme Serbia – Montenegro website