The Ministry of Local-Self Government in the Republic of North Macedonia and Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs in the Republic of Albania, as the Operating Structures of the IPA II Cross-Border Cooperation programme Republic of North Macedonia – Republic of Albania 2014- 2020, in the framework of this programme, with the aim to ensure that the possible impact of the Technical Assistance (TA) for this CBC programme, is captured as well as to meet the requirements of the Guidelines of this TA, baseline data of this project indicators should be determined in order to be possible to know the impact of a TA. Through its results, a baseline serves as a benchmark for all future activities, where project managers can refer to for the purposes of making project management decisions.

The Ministry of Local Self-Government and the Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs are publishing Public Announcement for Candidates for Vacancies: for preparing baseline data survey to determine the baseline data of the TA for this CBC programme indicators.

Candidates should provide these documents in electronic version and must be submitted to the following email

Deadline for application: Interested candidates must submit the application documents via email until 22nd of January 2021 at 16:00 (GMT + 1)

Only those applications which will arrive by the closing date and time to this announcement will be considered for review.

Additional information can be obtained via e-mail to: ; or


More details available on programme website.