Montenegro is a country of exceptional natural beauty and vast natural resources, but these resources are limited and therefore need to be preserved. The project Lake Skadar without chemical pollution, financed by the European Union and implemented by the Centre for Ecotoxicological Research (CETI) and in partnership with the University of Tirana and the NGO Green Centre Albania, contributes precisely to that goal.

Lake Skadar is the focal point in terms of its environmental condition and protection. With its rich flora and fauna, Lake Skadar has the status of a protected area in both Montenegro and Albania. In order to protect its biodiversity, continuous cooperation between institutions on both sides of the border is necessary.

Through this project, connections and collaborations are being established between Montenegro and Albania.

“We are confident that, based on our recommendations, there are enough elements for joint action by Montenegrin and Albanian institutions. With the aim of environmental protection, including Lake Skadar and all other resources, borders will be erased,” emphasised Project Manager Danijela Šuković.

The results of the water quality analysis have shown the presence of certain chemicals in Lake Skadar, which do not have a negative effect on the ecosystem at the moment but require special attention. This is just one in a row of significant data collected within the project in the cross-border area of the largest lake in the Balkans.

“This project has shown that science knows no boundaries,” added Šuković.

As they point out, the key approach is to solve pollution problems at the source, as this is the only way to maintain the lake’s good condition. Therefore, continuous and detailed monitoring of wastewater must be carried out.

This is the obligation of every country – stated project manager Danijela Šuković from the CETI.

The project Lake Skadar without chemical pollution is supported by the European Union within the IPA Cross-Border Programme Montenegro-Albania 2014-2020. The total value of the project is over €450,000.

Source: web portal