Joint Technical Secretariat


The Operating Structures (OSs) of the partner countries will set up a Joint Technical Secretariat to assist them and the Joint Monitoring Committee (JMC) in carrying out their responsibilities. Job descriptions of the JTS members, as well as detailed Rules of Procedures for JTS will be developed conjunctly by the OS.

JTS is jointly managed by both OSs.

The costs of the JTS and its antenna are co-financed under the programme’s Technical Assistance budget provided they relate to tasks eligible for co-financing according to EU rules.

The JTS is the administrative body of the programme responsible for it’s the day-to-day management and for administrative it’s arrangements.

The JTS will consist of employees from both sides of the border thus providing different, versatile, language skills, and specific/targeted background knowledge. The staff should be contracted by the respective OS.


Responsibilities of the JTS and its antenna:


The JTS is the administrative body of the programme responsible for its day-to-day management. It will assist the JMC and the OSs in programme implementation. It will be responsible, inter alia, for the following tasks:



  • Perform secretariat function for the Operating Structures and the JMC, including the preparation and mailing of documentation for meetings and the meeting minutes (in two or more languages if required);
  • Set up, regular maintenance and updating of the monitoring system (data input at programme and project level);
  • Prepare and make available all documents necessary for project implementation (general information at programme level, general information at project level, guidelines, criteria, application for collecting project ideas, application pack -guidelines, criteria for project selection, eligibility, reporting forms, contracts);
  • Run info-campaigns, trainings, help-lines and web-based Q&A in order to support potential applicants in the preparation of project applications;
  • It shall assist potential beneficiaries in partner research and project definition;
  • It shall manage the Call for Proposals process, including receiving and registering project applications, carrying out the initial assessment (e.g. examination of the application documents for completeness, and meeting eligibility criteria) and preparing documentation for the evaluation process;
  • Make sure that all the relevant documentation necessary for contracting is available to the EC Delegations on time;
  • It shall prepare standardized forms for project application, assessment, contracting, implementation, monitoring and reporting based as much as possible on templates and models included in the PRAG;
  • It will organise and manage an ad-hoc data base of the programme, on the basis of the information directly collected during the call for proposal process and those transferred regularly by the OSs;
  • carry out joint information and publicity activities under the guidance of the JMC and OSs, including setting up and maintaining an official programme website;
  • Prepare, conduct and report on monitoring visits projects;
  • Provide inputs to annual and final reports on the cross-border programme;